Ghostwire: Tokyo – Spider’s Thread Update Adds New Mode, Side Missions, Photo Mode Enhancements and More

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Paranormal forces have taken over Tokyo, bringing yokai, evil spirits, myths and urban legends to life. With nearly all the city’s population gone, survivor Akito and ghost detective KK are on the hunt to save their home from these strange new invaders.

With the free Spider’s Thread update released on April 12, Ghostwire: Tokyo has received a brand-new rogue-lite mode, more side missions, new enemies, new skills, Photo Mode enhancements and more. Now, the game is also available on  Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft PC Store.


The Spider’s Thread update challenges players to navigate a 30-stage gauntlet assembled from over 130 levels with one simple goal: “Get to the end.” As they progress through the mode, they will unlock more skills and earn in-game currency to spend on upgrades.

The update also includes new areas to explore, extended story cutscenes, Photo Mode enhancements and a handful of quality-of-life fixes. But the biggest surprise is a brand-new rogue-lite game mode called “Spider’s Thread” that challenges players to navigate a 30-stage gauntlet.

This randomized gauntlet will test Akito and KK’s combat prowess and will allow them to acquire new skills and in-game currency. The gauntlet will not be easy to beat at first, but the more you play through it and the more you complete it, the better your chances of making it all the way to the end.

Akito & KK will also explore a new Middle School location in the supernatural city, which contains mysterious occult activity and a malevolent spirit known as Hananko-san. This is not the last time we’ll see the two together in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and we’re excited to have them back for more adventure in this eerie version of the city!

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Spider’s Thread Update Patch Notes

Below you can check out the full patch notes for the latest Ghostwire: Tokyo – Spider’s Thread update.


  • Players will now see an icon in the HUD displaying the type of food or drink they have equipped
  • A wish was added to shrine offering boxes to see a Hyakki Yako, which increases the chances of a player encountering one
  • Changed some key binding settings to be individually assignable
  • Players can now toggle a darker background onto subtitles and mission objective text for enhanced readability.


  • Scary Stories to Tell at School – ???
  • Spirit Photographer – ???
  • Further Liberation – Cleanse all newly-added torii gates
  • On-The-Job Training – Unlock all newly-added Spirit Skills
  • Unparalleled Talismaniac – Acquire all newly-added talismans
  • Unexpected Visitors – Defeat at least one of every newly-added type of Visitor
  • Figure Aficionado – Try your luck at capsule machines at least 50 times
  • Views from the Abyss – Complete “The Spider’s Thread” mode
  • Catalog Conqueror – Complete all Nekomata jobs in “The Spider’s Thread” mode
  • Welcome to Shibuya – ???


  • Salvation of All – Transfer at least 100% of the spirits in the city
  • Hero of Shibuya – Complete the main story after transferring at least 100% of the spirits in the city
  • Wishmaker – Complete all side missions (excluding update content)
  • Liberator – Cleanse all torii gates (excluding update content)
  • Mind and Body – Unlock all Spirit Skills (excluding update content)
  • On the Same Wavelength – Raise your synergy level to 50 or higher
  • With their Powers Combined – Acquire 40 or more different magatama
  • DJ Akito – Acquire all music tracks (excluding update content)
  • Trendsetter – Acquire all items for the Outfit menu (excluding bonus and update content)
  • Talismania – Acquire all talismans (excluding update content)
  • Power Overwhelming – Acquire all sets of prayer beads (excluding update content)
  • Visiting Hours Are Over – Defeat at least one of every type of Visitor (excluding update content)


  • Various optimizations to improve the overall game performance
  • Fixed various issues that could occur when using Photo Mode during or after Utena space sequences
  • The icon for the “After the End 3” side mission will now correctly appear on the map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the locker in the “Crimson Moon” side mission from being interacted with
  • Various cosmetic outfits were adjusted
  • Various emotes were adjusted
  • Fixed a bug with Mission section of the HUD
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