Forspoken – In Tanta We Trust Prequel Story DLC Launches on May 26


The first downloadable content for Forspoken will arrive next month on May 26. The expansion is titled In Tanta We Trust and will serve as a prequel to the main game, 25 years before it begins.

In Tanta We Trust will allow players to battle alongside Tanta Cinta and use Frey’s new magical abilities to unlock new combat strategies and coordinate attack combos against the invading Rheddig forces. In addition, the DLC will also introduce a new set of environments in which to scale using Frey’s magic-enhanced parkour skills.

As the story of Forspoken progresses, a mysterious voice leads Frey Holland to the Purge of Rheddig, a legendary battle that destroyed Athia and drove its protectors, the Tantas, to madness. As she and Cinta travel back in time, they must uncover the truth of this era in Athia’s history, and save it from the Break once and for all.

Forspoken In Tanta We Trust will launch on May 26 for PlayStation 5 and PC, with the Digital Deluxe Edition getting early access to the DLC on May 23. If you’re not a Digital Deluxe owner, you can still purchase the expansion independently.

Luminous Productions has a lot of work ahead of it to improve Forspoken’s issues, and this new DLC will be an important step in that direction. While the title has received a mixed response at launch, it’s clear that Luminous Productions and Square Enix are committed to making it as good as possible.


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