GTA 6 Will Have Advanced Water Physics and Surfing for the First Time (Leak)

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Image Credits: @GTAVI_Countdown

Whenever a new GTA 6 rumor surfaces fans get excited, and one recent leak from Rockstar insider Aleix Venturas has people really buzzing. The source claims that the studio is working on a massive engine upgrade for GTA 6 with a major focus on water physics.

According to Venturas, Rockstar San Diego is hiring 20 engineers for the sole purpose of revamping water physics in GTA 6. The company wants to make sure that the next game’s water is as realistic as possible and will blow everything else, for a lack of better term, out of the water.


The reason the physics will be so superior is that it will reportedly use technology that has been inspired by NVIDIA Wave Works 1.0 and 2.0. This type of software is usually too expensive for most gaming publishers to afford it, but the colossal profits that have been generated by GTA Online have allowed Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive to invest in the technology for the new game.

Developing a video game is an extremely labor-intensive process. Most games have to be developed by teams of thousands of people in order to create the world and the countless assets that go into it.

That includes 3D modeling of buildings, cars, trees, mailboxes, people, street signs, speed limit signs, and more. All of that takes a lot of time, and that’s why most video games only come out every 1-2 years.

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