How to Breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters?


A Shugabush is a rare monster found in the game My Singing Monsters. It is a hybrid creature with unique characteristics and musical abilities. The Shugabush has the appearance of a humanoid figure with a distinct head, body, and limbs. It is covered in shaggy fur and has a musical instrument-like structure on its back.

What sets the Shugabush apart from other monsters in the game is its ability to play and produce music. It possesses exceptional vocal skills and can sing in a deep, resonant voice. The Shugabush is also proficient in playing a variety of musical instruments, adding harmonious melodies to the Monster World.


In the game, players can breed and collect different types of monsters, including the Shugabush. By strategically breeding specific combinations of monsters, players can unlock and add the Shugabush to their musical ensemble. The Shugabush brings its unique musical talents and adds a distinctive sound to the overall composition of the Monster World.

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How to Breed Shugabush in My Singing Monsters?

To breed a Shugabush in the game My Singing Monsters, you will need a combination of specific monsters. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Have the required monsters: To breed a Shugabush, you will need to have the following monsters in your game:

Bowgart: You can breed a Bowgart by combining a Noggin and a Mammott.
Clamble: You can breed a Clamble by combining a Drumpler and a Maw.
Place the monsters in the right order: Arrange your monsters in the breeding structure according to the following order:

  • Place the Bowgart on the left side.
  • Place the Clamble on the right side.
  • Start the breeding process: Once you have the Bowgart and Clamble in the correct order, tap on the “Breed” button to start the breeding process.

Wait for the breeding time to complete: The breeding process takes a specific amount of time to complete. In the case of breeding a Shugabush, the breeding time is usually around 24 hours.

Hatch the egg: After the breeding time is over, you will have a Shugabush egg. Tap on the egg to hatch it and reveal your new Shugabush monster.

Remember, breeding monsters in My Singing Monsters is based on chance, so it may take several attempts before successfully breeding a Shugabush. Additionally, make sure you have sufficient beds for the monsters in your monster island, as you will need space to hatch and accommodate the new Shugabush monster. Good luck!

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