Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim Character Guide: Moveset, Playstyle, Strategies and Tips

Dhalsim Character

Street Fighter 6 is the latest version of one of the most beloved fighting game franchises in history. One of the most iconic characters of the series is the Indian yoga master Dhalsim. With his unique moves and playstyle, Dhalsim is a challenging and rewarding character to master. In this guide, we will explore the Dhalsim character in Street Fighter 6, and how to use him effectively in battle.

First of all, it’s worth noting that Dhalsim is a “zoning” character – meaning that he excels at keeping his distance from his opponents, using his range and projectiles to deal damage from afar. His attacks are generally slower than other characters but have longer range. Players who enjoy keeping their opponents at bay would find Dhalsim’s playstyle quite fitting.


Dhalsim’s abilities and combos are complex, but masters of the character will be able to create deadly sequences that are hard to escape from.


Here are some of the moves that players should focus on when using Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6:

  • 1. Yoga Fire – This projectile attack is effective in creating distance and chipping away at an opponent’s health.
  • 2. Yoga Flame – A short-range attack that can hit multiple times, it’s useful for keeping opponents close and interrupting their attacks.
  • 3. Yoga Teleport – A particularly tricky move to master, Dhalsim can teleport around the stage, dodging attacks and confusing opponents.
  • 4. Yoga Snipe – Dhalsim’s most extended range attack, Yoga Snipe is a projectile attack that can hit opponents from far away.
  • 5. Yoga Gatling – A combo that can be challenging to pull off, Yoga Gatling is a sequence that can quickly deal a lot of damage to an opponent.
  • 6. Yoga Sunburst – Dhalsim’s super move, which can deal a lot of damage, but it requires a full super meter.

Dhalsim has his flaws as well. His movement speed is slower than other characters, making him vulnerable to fast attacks such as dashes and jumps. Close combat is also not his forte, and his normal attacking speed is slow.

However, Dhalsim excels at keeping an opponent away, whittling down their health through calculated attacks. Dhalsim players need to be patient, watchful, and create opportunities rather than rushing and taking too much risk.


Dhalsim can be a devastating character in the right hands. He’s not an easy character to master, but the effort put into learning and mastering his moves will pay off in the long run. Dhalsim is a unique and exciting addition to Street Fighter 6, providing a fresh playstyle that is rewarding and satisfying.

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