Star Citizen Is Currently Free-To-Play for Next Few Days


If you’ve ever wanted to check out one of the most ambitious games of the past decade but don’t have a spare $500 million lying around, you can finally get a taste of Star Citizen. The space simulation is currently free-to-play through the end of this month as a way to celebrate an in-game aerospace expo.

From May 19th – 30th, Star Citizen will be Free to Play.

Developed by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer game that blends features from various genres including MMO, first-person space combat, and simulator.

Players can earn money through a variety of means, such as running a luxury transport business and helping other players move to the planet of their choice, or competing in Arena Commander and fighting against AI-controlled ships and other real-life players. They can also earn money by completing general missions, like delivering parcels or hunting bounties.

The latest version of the game, 3.19, is out now and adds several new locations and gameplay features to Star Citizen’s universe. It includes new component salvage that makes it easier to dismantle wrecks and a new industrial city in the orbital system of Lorville.

Additionally, there are various gameplay improvements, such as an improved mining mechanic, the ability to assemble and dismantle more components from wrecks, and the ability to scan for resources in a more realistic manner.

If you want to continue playing, you can purchase a game package or “pledge” that lets you access multiplayer and the Squadron 42 single-player campaign. The cheapest option costs $45, and players can spend thousands of dollars on ships.



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