Street Fighter 6 Blanka Character Guide: Shocking Combo Moves, Unique Attacks, and Tips


If you’re a fan of the Street Fighter franchise, you know that Blanka is one of its most iconic characters. He’s been around since Street Fighter II, and players love his wild, unpredictable fighting style. Blanka is known for his shock-based attacks and his lightning-quick reflexes. But if you’re just starting to play Street Fighter 6, Blanka can be a tough character to master. In this Blanka character guide, we’ll give you some tips to help you become a Blanka pro.

Unique Attacks

To start off, Blanka’s unique attacks are an essential part of his gameplay. The Beast Roll is his signature move – it involves him rolling towards his opponent, and can be done in three different directions. The Rolling Attack is where he turns into a ball and rolls towards his opponent. Blanka also has a move called Jungle Dynamo, where he charges up for a bit before unleashing a powerful electric punch.

Combo Moves

Blanka’s attack combos are some of the most potent in the game. His Electric Thunder combo is especially useful – it involves him charging up electricity before releasing a powerful electric shockwave all around him. His Whirlwind combo can also do a lot of damage – it’s a combination of a rolling attack followed by an upward jolt. His Amazon River Run combo is another useful tool – it’s a move where he hops forward, hitting his opponent with a series of kicks.

Tips for Blanka Players

Here are some tips for players who want to play as Blanka:

  • Try to stay unpredictable – Blanka is known for his wild fighting style, so don’t be afraid to mix things up.
  • Use his electric moves sparingly – while Blanka’s electric moves are powerful, they leave him open to counterattacks, so use them strategically.
  • Always be ready to counterattack – Blanka’s quick reflexes make him great at dodging and counterattacking, so be ready to do so when your opponent is vulnerable.
  • Use his roll moves liberally – Blanka’s roll moves are a great way to get close to your opponent or dodge their attacks.


Blanka is a tricky character to master, but his unique moves and surprising attacks can make him a powerful force in the game. If you’re looking for a character with a wild fighting style, Blanka is definitely worth trying out.


Q: What is Blanka’s signature move?
A: Blanka’s signature move is the Beast Roll.

Q: What makes Blanka unique?
A: Blanka is unique because he uses electric-based attacks.

Q: How do I counter Blanka’s electric attacks?
A: Blanka’s electric moves leave him open to counterattacks, so it’s best to try to dodge them or block them and then counter with your own moves.


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