Top 10 Sites To Watch Online Movies For Free


Watching movies in the theatre on a big screen is always preferred and liked. In theatres, we get a big screen to watch our favourite movies in normal display mode and in 3D which is quite very good and makes the movie perfect to watch. But watching movies in the theater is not free and sometimes you have to pay Rs. 100 to 200 to watch a single movie in theatres.

So here I am going to give you the solution for it if you like watching movies on a regular basis and if you don’t want to spend any amount of your money. You can watch your favourite movies at home on your system or PC and you don’t even have to pay a single buck for it, it’s free.

So here I am to tell you about the Top 10 Sites To Watch Online Movies For Free. Yes, these websites are free just go there and watch your favourite movie. For this, you just need a good speed internet connection and a PC or laptop that’s it just check it out below. I have listed some of the best movie websites which stream online movies for free to watch online.

Top 10 Sites To Watch Online Movies For Free

1- YouTube Movies

YouTube, as we all know YouTube is the most popular and biggest video streaming website on the internet. YouTube has a huge number of videos TV shows, Movies, and videos from different categories. On YouTube, you can watch full-length movies in HD or the original format of the films. you can watch full-length TV shows and if you have IDM installed in your system then you can download these TV shows, movies, and videos very easily or you can use Video Grabber Pro to download video files from these websites.

2- 1channel

This is one of the best online movie sites to watch movies online you will get all the collection of movies on this site it has a large movie collection this is the most recommended movie site over the internet to watch online movies. check it out for yourself.

3- IMDB 

A well-known site over the internet to watch online movies for free. IMDB is a free online streaming movie site that has a huge collection of movie databases it gives you reviews and shows times of movies that are running near your theatre on this site you will also get many TV shows and their episodes from different TV channels.

4- Crackle

Crackle is one of the top movie websites on the internet, this site offers to watch full-length uncut movies and TV shows from Sony Library and their source. This site also provides different types of videos from Hulu, AOL, and YouTube. You can watch your movie in full-screen mode also.

5- Solar Movie

This site is very nice and cool and is liked by 25,389 Facebook users. On the site, you can search for your favourite movie and you will get a list of the most popular new movies and most popular HD movies on the main screen of this site so you can quickly go ahead to watch your favourite movie. You can choose and search movies by year and Genre just click on the right side it has TV shows also.

6- Watch Movies

It has a large number of movies you can watch a movie just by searching in the search bar or you can go with a movie title or just click on the alphabet of movies’ first names. You can also watch movies year-wise.

7- Tube Plus

This is another popular site to watch online movies for a free great collection of movies on the main page of the site, you will get the top movie list and top TV shows list or you can search for your movies and TV shows or you can go with the categories on the right side.

8- Hulu

Hulu is one of the best movie sites I have found on the internet this is a great site. on this site, you can watch TV shows and high-quality movies. This site offers TV shows web series and movies in a very high-quality format. On this site, you will get a huge number of films with new releases. The bad thing about this site is, that it is only available in the united states and Japan yet.


On this site, you will get all about movies, TV shows, cartoon films, movie news, and more, an easy-to-use movie site to watch online movies. On the site, you can watch movies, TV shows, cartoons films, music clips, and more.


Best site to watch and download old movies for free. You can watch movies directly or you can download the movies in the given formats which you like and it’s very simple just click on the format for which you want to download the movie and they will start instantly. You can also see reviews of the movies on this site.


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