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In the world of video games, 3D character models are very important. They help connect the player with the game world by visually showing the main character.

Today, we look at three games with the most detailed 3D character models.

These games step up their visuals, using both art and technology to display amazing design skills.

Female Character model

1.) Geralt of Rivia | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

First of all, our attention is drawn to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game, released in 2015 by CD Projekt.

CD Projekt Red started as a distribution company that translated English games into Polish. It was their relationship with Bioware and Interplay Entertainment, formed during the localization of Baldur’s Gate, that led to the creation of The Witcher.

The company’s step into game development was driven by the desire to bring an already-known story to life in a video game. “The Witcher” series by writer Andrzej Sapkowski became the perfect chance for this.

The Witcher 3 character design

Throughout the Witcher series, Geralt’s 3D game model evolved significantly. In the first game, Geralt was depicted as a white-haired warrior with a serious facial expression. However, as the series progressed and technology improved, his model became more detailed and realistic.

By the time of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt’s model was highly detailed, with realistic skin textures, detailed armor, and fluid movements.

As Paweł Mielniczuk, an artist on the original Witcher and now art director of Cyberpunk 2077, explains, “Working on a main character means that pretty much everyone at the company thinks they know best about how the character should look, and it’s impossible to please even half of your co-workers.”

Pawel designer Witcher 3

The process of creating Geralt’s 3D model was a collaborative effort, involving artists, designers, and programmers. It required a deep understanding of the character, a clear vision, and a lot of hard work. But the result was a character that has become one of the most iconic figures in video game history.

2.) Arthur Morgan | Red Dead Redemption 2

Next, we turn to the wild west world of Red Dead Redemption 2, developed in 2018.

Rockstar Games, known for creating protagonists like Niko Bellic from “Grand Theft Auto IV” and Jimmy Hopkins from “Bully”, reachedsuccess by creating Arthur Morgan.

The character’s success can be attributed to a combination of Roger Clark’s exceptional performance and the well-written game personality.

Arthur Morgan game character

Arthur Morgan’s original design, revealed during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2021, showcased a character that was slightly different from the final version. The concept art depicted Arthur Morgan in his outfit, riding a horse, which added a unique touch to his cowboy outlaw persona.

The hair was created using an XGen groom converted into splines for Unreal Engine. The character was rigged using Advanced Skeleton in Maya.

3.) Nathan Drake | Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Creating a character for a video game is a complex process that involves a team of designers, artists, and animators. This process becomes even more complex when it comes to a well-known figure in the gaming world, such as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.

In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016), the Naughty Dog team was faced with the challenge of transforming Drake’s character while keeping his recognizable personality.

The first step in bringing Nathan Drake to life was the casting for Drake’s voice actor. The search for the actor was long and arduous, as the team at Naughty Dog had a strong idea of the character they wanted to portray. Drake was envisioned as a regular guy, fit and healthy, but also a bit clumsy.

The team needed an actor who could bring this unique combination of characteristics to life. After dozens of auditions, it was Nolan North who was able to convey Drake’s weakness and doubts, offering a different concept of masculinity that became a key element in the success of Uncharted.

Nolan North Uncharted voice

The character design and modeling process for Uncharted 4 was led by Frank Tzeng, the lead character artist at Naughty Dog. Tzeng oversaw Drake’s overall look, focusing on head/facial, wrinkle, arms, and hair development.

The process involved modeling, sculpting, and texturing, with providing the concept, and working on the clothing and wrinkle maps for the shirt and pants.

The Naughty Dog team sought to create a character model for Drake that was both good-looking and able to convey his personality and story. Drake’s model in Uncharted 4 is older and more tired than in previous games, reflecting the character’s growth and experience.

The model has around 800 facial combinations, which is significantly more than the 120 facial combinations in Uncharted 3. This allows for more expression and emotionality, helping to bring the character to life.

Frank Tzeng Uncharted 4 character artist

The rendering process for Uncharted 4 took advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4 to create a visually stunning game. The high-quality 3D model of Drake, combined with physically based shaders and improved lighting, resulted in a character that is incredibly photorealistic.

The team also focused on small details, such as rendering more realistic facial and chest hair that respond to wind and enhancing the appearance of veins and muscles on Drake’s arms.

Outsource 3D character models

Today, we look at three games with the most detailed 3D character models. These games step up their visuals, using both art and technology to display amazing design skills.

However, creating these detailed 3D character models is not an easy task. It requires a team of skilled artists and designers, as well as the latest software and techniques.

This is where companies like RetroStyle Games come into play.

RetroStyle Games is a company that specializes in providing 3D modeling services for video games. With years of experience, they model characters, 3D assets, and game environments for any platform, including desktop, web, mobile, metaverse, and blockchain. They pride themselves on bringing a level of detail and realism to their 3D modeling for games that truly set them apart.

RetroStyle Games can create characters with good details, such as different facial expressions, clothing, and accessories, that make them stand out and feel unique. They understand the importance of creating 3D models that stand out and enhance gameplay, creating memorable gaming experiences for players.

Paths 2D mobile game Characters

They use cutting-edge technologies in their work and have sufficient expertise in them. For instance, they use a CRM system to work with their clients. Their artists and animators have experience working with various programs, such as 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, and others.

In conclusion, the creation of 3D character models is a crucial aspect of video game development. Companies like RetroStyle Games provide invaluable services in this area, helping to bring game characters to life with stunning detail and realism.

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