Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Best Controls, Graphics and Gameplay Settings Guide

Spider-Man 2
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has finally arrived, and while many of you may be eager to dive in headfirst, there are a few settings that you might want to tweak for the best gaming experience. In this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Best Settings Guide, we’ll provide you with tips on what settings to change and what to leave as they are.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Best Settings Guide


By default, the game has inverted controls for the look view, which might not be your preference. To keep the camera functioning as it did in the previous games, you’ll want to turn off “Invert Look Control.” However, you can keep “Invert Web Wings Control” set to Y-Axis for more traditional flight controls.



Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers two graphic modes: fidelity and performance. Fidelity offers better visuals but at the cost of frames, while performance targets a smooth 60FPS. It’s recommended to play in performance mode, as the difference in visuals is not significantly noticeable. If you have a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) monitor, you can opt for Fidelity mode for smooth or unlocked framerate.

  • Film Grain: It’s advisable to turn this off unless you enjoy a grainy screen.
  • Chromatic Aberration: Turn this off for a cleaner visual experience.


  • Challenge Level: This determines the difficulty level of the game. It’s a matter of personal preference, but if you want a real challenge, consider changing it to Spectacular.
  • Simplify Puzzles: Puzzles aren’t very challenging, so it’s recommended to keep this option off.
  • Dodge/Parry Timing: Increase this setting if you struggle with dodging and parrying. It widens the timing window, indicated by a red spider sense outline.
  • Chase Assist: Turn this on for assistance in chase sequences.
  • Game Speed: Keeping it at 100% is the standard, but you can adjust it to make the game run slower if desired.
  • Enhanced Aim: Turn this off unless you prefer easier aiming with target snapping.
  • QTE Autocomplete: Keep this off unless you dislike Quick Time Events (QTE).
  • Auto-Heal: Turning this off is recommended. It preserves your focus, which can be used for other combat abilities.
  • Swing Assist: You can experiment with this setting. Lowering it can provide a more physics-driven swinging experience.
  • Slow Corner Timescale: Turn this off to prevent camera issues when going around corners. Some players prefer it, but it may slow down the gameplay.
  • Webline Bending: Keep this on as it looks more realistic when walking across a webline.
  • Fall Damage: Turn this on for added challenge. You’ll take damage when falling, which can even result in death.


  • Invert Look Control: Keep this off unless you have a preference for inverted controls.
  • Invert Web Wings Control: Set this to Y-Axis for classic flight control feel while gliding.
  • Vibration Setting: Ensure it’s set to “Experimental” to make the most of the haptic feedback.
  • Vibration Intensity: Keep this at the default setting of 10.
  • Adaptive Triggers: This option depends on the PS5’s settings, and it’s usually grayed out.
  • Repeated Button Press: You can switch between “Taps” and “Hold” for accessibility preferences.
  • Continuous Dodge: Turn this on to make dodging easier.
  • Web-Shooter Burst: Turn this off to maintain control over how many webshots you can shoot. Keeping it on will make you always shoot three at a time.
  • Aim Mode: Set it to “Hold.”
  • Swing/Parkour: Also set these to “Hold.”
  • Air Trick Mode: “Hold.”
  • Web Wings Mode: Use “Toggle.”
  • Melee Mode: Choose “Single” for more control, as the other options are essentially auto combos and continuous attacks, which can take away some control.


  • Combat Camera: Turn this off if you prefer full control during combat. Leaving it on will cause the camera to auto-rotate toward the nearest enemy.


Most of the default audio settings are fine, but you can make some adjustments:

  • Midnight Mode: This lowers the volume of loud sounds if you want to keep noise levels down.
  • Controller Speaker Volume: You can turn this off if you’re not a fan of the controller’s speaker.
  • Narrated ASL: Enable this if you need sign language support.
  • Voice Boost: Keep this on to ensure character voices aren’t drowned out by other sounds.
  • Streaming Mode: If you want to avoid potential issues with licensed music, turn this on.


  • Graphic Modes: Follow the tips mentioned above for fidelity and performance modes.
  • 120 HZ Display Mode: Enable this if your monitor supports it.
  • Motion Blur: Keep this on, especially if you’re using fidelity mode. It’s done well in Spider-Man 2.
  • Film Grain: Set it to 0.
  • Chromatic Aberration: Keep this off.
  • High Contrast Options: Use these if needed, but it’s suggested to keep them off.


  • Hide UI: For the ultimate immersion, you can turn the UI off completely.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 allows you to assign shortcuts to the DualSense controller. These shortcuts can range from game speed and photo mode to various attacks and abilities. Experiment with them to find what works best for your playstyle.

You might consider mapping the 30% game speed and photo mode shortcuts. Reducing the game speed can be handy during fast-paced moments, allowing you to capture perfect photos in photo mode. You can also use one of these shortcuts for the camera gadget, which doesn’t have a dedicated button and can only be accessed from the in-game menu.

While there are several other settings to explore in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, these are our recommended changes that should enhance your gaming experience. Keep in mind that preferences vary, so feel free to experiment with the game’s settings to find what suits you best. Enjoy swinging through the streets of New York and taking on the challenges that await you in this exciting new adventure!

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