Microsoft Unveils DirectSR Technology at GDC 2024

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At the current Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024, Microsoft introduced a groundbreaking technology named Microsoft DirectSR (Direct SuperResolution), designed to simplify the combination of decision upscalers for game builders. This innovation, a collaborative attempt amongst main CPU and GPU manufacturers including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel, objectives to deal with the growing demand for versatile upscaling solutions in PC gaming.

During a presentation on March 21, Shawn Hargreaves, Development Manager at Microsoft’s Direct3D group, showcased DirectSR in Room 2009 at the Moscone Center’s West Hall. Hargreaves highlighted the current expectation for PC video games to aid numerous upscaling technologies from the outset—a demand that has sparked controversy in the beyond, notably in instances in which famous games lacked aid for AMD FSR or NVIDIA DLSS technologies.


Microsoft DirectSR seeks to relieve these troubles with the aid of providing a new DirectX API that standardizes the implementation of various upscaling methods thru a unified interface. This answer will permit compatibility across a extensive spectrum of hardware, with built-in versions for Direct SuperResolution accessible for all systems, and additional, unique editions catered to awesome GPU/NPU hardware configurations.

Developers could have the power to select from an enumerated listing of upscaling strategies, which DirectSR will then execute through an app-unique compute queue, covering the UI and supplying the very last output seamlessly.

A full-size development is the combination of AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2 (FSR2) within the DirectSR framework. FSR2, first of all devised as a shader application for wellknown functions and like minded with any graphics card that supports Compute Shader 6.2, will now be processed at once through DirectSR, removing the want for developers to write down specialised FSR2 code.

This circulate guarantees that video games can utilize FSR2 correctly, furnished the important preprocessing and parameters are installation by means of the developers.

The GDC 2024 additionally saw discussions on DirectX State of the Union, bringing up the development of Work Graphs from preview to legitimate release. However, the provision of Microsoft DirectSR remains beneath wraps, without a specific launch date announced.

Microsoft has indicated that a public preview of DirectSR is on the horizon, set to be accessible via the Agility SDK within the close to future.

This initiative via Microsoft no longer best highlights their dedication to solving longstanding challenges confronted with the aid of game builders however additionally paves the way for broader adoption of superior upscaling techniques, promising a new era of gaming experiences which can be extra immersive and handy throughout various hardware configurations.


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