5 Best Palworld Base Locations

Palworld Base

In Palworld, choosing the right base location is crucial for your survival, progress, and efficiency in resource gathering. The game offers a variety of locations, each with its unique advantages and challenges. Whether you prioritize access to specific resources, defense capabilities, or aesthetic beauty, there’s a spot in Palworld that meets your needs.

This guide provides an overview of the best base locations in Palworld, focusing on key aspects such as resource availability, strategic advantages, and environmental conditions.


Why Base Locations is Important in Palwrld?

Palworld is a dynamic and expansive game where players can explore, gather, and build in a vast open world. Your base serves as a central hub for crafting, storage, and strategic planning. The location of your base can significantly impact your gameplay, affecting everything from resource accessibility to your ability to defend against raids.

What to Look for the Best Base Locations in Palworld?

Resource Accessibility

A good base location offers close proximity to essential resources. These include wood, stone, ore, and Paldium fragments, which are critical for building and crafting​​. Certain areas are rich in specific resources, making them ideal for players focusing on particular aspects of the game, such as ore farming or wood gathering.

Defense Capabilities

The strategic positioning of your base can provide natural defense advantages. Locations near cliffs or rocks can exploit the game’s AI, making it harder for enemies to reach your base. Moreover, having an Alpha Pal nearby can offer an easy source of XP and powerful allies​​.

Environmental Considerations

The game’s world includes diverse environments, each with its unique challenges and advantages. For example, some locations offer breathtaking views and are naturally defensible due to their topography, such as high-ground advantages or natural barriers against raids​​.

Best Palworld Base Locations

Below are the 5 best base locations in the Palworld game.

1- Mount Obsidian (-537, -477)

Ideal for ore farming, offering a large, flat area at a lower risk of being raided. However, the extreme heat requires specific preparations, such as a Fire-type Pal or Heat Resistant armor​​.

2- Astral Mountains (-202, 253)

Best for farming Pure Quartz. The extreme cold necessitates a Fire-type Pal and building heaters. It’s rich in high-level Pals and other useful materials, despite the presence of potentially dangerous Pals​​.

3- Ore Farm (Coordinates: 74, -376)

Known for its abundant ore supply and stunning autumn-themed visuals. While offering great resources, it’s vulnerable to raids, particularly from long-range attacks​​.

4- Waterfall (Coordinates: 315, -49)

Virtually raid-proof due to its high-ground defense advantage and breathtaking aesthetics. Natural ore resupply is a significant perk, though it requires an aerial mount for access​​.

5- Tree Filled Mountain (Coordinates: 181, -47)

Offers an abundance of wood and natural stone pits, making it a secure and resource-rich location for base building​​.


Choosing the right base location in Palworld is a strategic decision that depends on your priorities and playstyle. Whether you’re looking for abundant resources, strategic defense, or simply a beautiful spot to call home, the game offers a variety of locations to suit your needs. Consider the advantages and challenges of each location to find the perfect spot for your base.


Q: How important is the environment in choosing a base location? A: The environment plays a crucial role, as it affects resource availability, defense capabilities, and the need for specific equipment or Pals to survive in extreme conditions.

Q: Can I change my base location later in the game? A: Yes, players can move their bases. However, choosing a suitable initial location can save resources and time.

Q: What should I prioritize when choosing a base location? A: Prioritize locations based on your gameplay style, whether it’s resource gathering, crafting, or defense. Consider the type of resources you need most and the strategic advantages of the terrain.

By carefully selecting your base location in Palworld, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

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