Granblue Fantasy Relink All Locked Treasure Chest Locations

Locked Treasure Chest

In “Granblue Fantasy Relink,” there are 10 locked treasure chest locations spread across the hub towns of Folca and Seedhollow. These chests are categorized by the type of key required to open them: Silver, Gold, and Whitewing. Each key is obtained from completing specific side quests or game milestones. The chests contain valuable items and finding all of them unlocks the “Unlocked and Unloaded” trophy and achievement. For detailed locations and how to obtain the keys, visit PowerPyx’s guide on the subject​.

All Three Chests Keys – Silver, Gold, Whitewing Locations

In the expansive world of Granblue Fantasy Relink, treasure hunters and adventurers alike can seek out the allure of locked treasure chests scattered throughout the game’s vibrant landscapes. These chests, categorized into Silver, Gold, and Whitewing, each hold their secrets and rewards, waiting for the right key to unlock their contents.


Granblue Fantasy Relink is a game rich in exploration and discovery, offering players numerous opportunities to find and unlock treasure chests. These chests come in three types—Silver, Gold, and Whitewing—each requiring a specific key to unlock.

Unlike many games where keys are consumed upon use, in Granblue Fantasy Relink, once you acquire a key, it remains in your inventory, allowing you to unlock all chests of the same type throughout the game.

All Key Locations

Silver Key:

The journey to find the Silver Key begins with a quest provided by the Nearly Retired Adventurer in Folka, named “A Lingering Regret.” Completing this quest rewards players with the Silver Key, primarily found after engaging with the Relics in the Sand quest of Chapter 6 or through the Golemology 101: Desert Golems mission.

Gold Key:

The Gold Key is a reward from completing the “Out of Serpentine Spite” quest, available from the Adventurer’s Partner in Seedhollow. This quest involves defeating Cobras in the desert area of Dahli Relicbelt, a task that can be tackled through the Rilla Done Did It survival mission.

Whitewing Key:

Obtaining the Whitewing Key requires players to unlock Maniac Quest Difficulty by completing Chapter 0. This key unlocks the more elusive chests hidden around Folca and Seedhollow.

Granblue Fantasy Relink All Treasure Chest Locations

Folca Locked Treasure Chests

Silver Key Chests

  1. Near the tavern, against the back wall left of the hub.
  2. Up the path to the right of the Blacksmith, in front of a house opposite the pond.

Gold Key Chest

  1. On the balcony of a house behind the Blacksmith, accessible by climbing the house roof.

Whitewing Key Chest

  1. Behind the church in the bushes, reachable by going right from the front of the church.

Seedhollow Locked Treasure Chests

Silver Key Chests

  1. Out front of Zathba’s Appraisals.
  2. In the middle hub area near the Blacksmith and Quest Counter.

Gold Key Chests

  1. Right of the hub, down the back path up in the corner in Seedhollow.
  2. Near the docks on the second right side.

Whitewing Key Chests

  1. In a small alley directly south of the Blacksmith, to the right against the wall in front of a door.
  2. Near the last chest, down an alleyway to the left.


Unlocking all Silver, Gold, and Whitewing chests in Granblue Fantasy Relink not only contributes to the “Unlocked and Unloaded” trophy but also enriches the gaming experience with valuable loot and rewards.

By following the detailed guides to obtaining each key and locating every chest, players can ensure they fully explore and enjoy the treasures hidden within Granblue Fantasy Relink’s enchanting world.


  • Do I need multiple keys to unlock all chests of the same type? No, you only need one key of each type to unlock all chests corresponding to that key throughout the game.
  • Can I miss any of the chests during my playthrough? No, none of the collectible chests are missable. You can return to find them in free-roam after completing the story.
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