Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophies and Achievements Guide

Granblue Fantasy Relink

Granblue Fantasy Relink, a much-anticipated title within the Granblue Fantasy universe, developed and published by Cygames, offers players a rich, action-packed adventure set in a vibrant world. This guide aims to assist players in achieving 100% completion of the game by unlocking all available trophies and achievements, providing a structured path towards the coveted Platinum Trophy.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Key Points and Trophy Categories

  • Total Achievements: The game boasts a collection of 54 trophies, including 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 7 Silver, and 44 Bronze.
  • Key Trophy Achievements:
    • Platinum Sky: Earn all other trophies.
    • Squad’s All Here: Unlock all characters. The game starts you with 6 characters, and additional 12 can be purchased with Crewmate Cards. One character unlocks automatically in Chapter Ø.
    • Fate Can’t Wait: Complete all characters’ fate episodes, requiring each character to be at level 60 and having completed Chapter 9.
    • Reminiscence: Fill every entry in Lyria’s Journal. This includes characters, foes, weapons, treasures, and Wrightstones, with some items potentially requiring multiple boss attempts for specific drops.
    • True Potential: Unlock the power of an Ascension weapon for the first time.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophies and Achievements

1. Platinum Sky

Earn all other achievements in the game. This is the ultimate trophy, signifying 100% completion of all game objectives, challenges, and collection of all other trophies.


2. Nothing is Impossible!

Complete all side quests. There are 109 Side Quests to complete, covering various challenges and storylines throughout the game.

3. Squad’s All Here

Unlock all characters. The game features a total of 19 characters, with 6 available from the start, 12 that must be purchased using Crewmate Cards, and 1 unlocked automatically in Chapter Ø.

4. Fate Can’t Wait

Complete all characters’ fate episodes, including their epilogues. This requires unlocking all characters, leveling them up to 60, and completing Chapter 9 of the story.

5. Reminiscence

Fill in every Field Notes entry in Lyria’s Journal. This involves completing various aspects of the game to collect information on Characters, Foes, Weapons, Treasures, and Wrightstones.

6. True Potential

Unlock the power of an Ascension weapon for the first time. This involves upgrading an Ascension weapon to max level 150 and then enhancing it further.

7. The Forgotten Sky to Opposing Wills

These trophies are awarded for completing chapters of the main story, from the Prologue through Chapter 9. Each chapter completion unlocks a new trophy, indicating progression through the game’s storyline.

8. Leave It to Me

Achieve an S++ quest evaluation for the first time. This requires completing a quest with a very high performance rating, which involves finishing quickly and achieving side goals.

9. It’s All About Communication

Use an emote. This is a simple trophy that involves engaging with the game’s social features by using an emote for the first time.

10. Primal Beast Punisher

Defeat primal beasts 100 times. This trophy is earned by defeating the game’s boss creatures, primal beasts, across various quests and challenges.

Additional Trophies:

  • About to Fill Burst: Trigger a full burst in battle.
  • Don’t Think It Foes Higher Than That: Deal significant damage with a chain burst.
  • In Perfect Sync: Enter link time in battle.
  • Chain Burst Champion: Activate chain bursts multiple times.
  • No Holding Back: Unleash Skybound Arts.
  • Field Medic: Revive allies during battle.
  • It’s Called Skill: Use skills in battles.
  • Buff Buffet & Debuff Deluge: Use buffing/debuffing skills.
  • I Will Survive: Use a significant number of potions.
  • Give Me Something to Break: Achieve Break status on foes.
  • A Fateful Encounter & A Fateful Farewell: Complete fate episodes.
  • Push it to the Limit: Level up a character to 100.
  • I Like It When Numbers Go Up: Accumulate a large amount of currency.
  • Crabs Are Neat: Collect specific items.
  • Closer to the Truth & Treasure Hunter: Discover archive entries and open treasure chests.
  • Unlocked and Unloaded: Open all locked chests.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Practice with a specific character.
  • No Cap & Knickknack Shack Regular: Enhance weapons and complete trades.
  • On the Road to Mastery & Making Ends Meet: Unlock character action nodes and sell sigils.
  • Welcome to the Crew & On the House: Unlock a new character and get an appraisal.
  • Wings of Destruction: Complete a significant quest.
  • The Ultimate & Id: Complete the main story on Ultimate difficulty and complete the final chapter.
  • Skybound Heart: Complete Chapter Ø of the main story.

Each of these trophies represents a different aspect of the game, from storyline progression to engagement with various gameplay mechanics and exploration of the game’s world. Achieving them all not only provides a rewarding sense of accomplishment but also encourages thorough exploration and engagement with everything Granblue Fantasy Relink has to offer.


Achieving 100% completion in Granblue Fantasy Relink is a rewarding journey that takes players through every facet of the game, from character development to uncovering every secret the game has to offer. This guide provides a structured approach to unlocking all trophies, assisting both new players and veterans in experiencing everything Granblue Fantasy Relink has to offer.


  • How many characters are there to unlock? There are a total of 19 characters, with 12 purchasable through Crewmate Cards.
  • What is required to fill out Lyria’s Journal? Players need to collect entries across five categories: Characters, Foes, Weapons, Treasures, and Wrightstones, with specific conditions for each.
  • How do I unlock the power of an Ascension weapon? Ascension weapons can be enhanced at Siero’s Knickknack Shack after reaching max level 150, using a variety of rare materials.
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