New PS5 Beta Adds DualSense Controller Sound Enhancements and Share Screen Interactions


Sony has released a brand new beta update for the PS5 today that includes a number of quality-of-life enhancements and new features.

The new PS5 beta update introduces significant improvements to the DualSense controller’s sound capabilities and Share Screen interactions. This update is currently available to selected participants in various countries, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, the U.K., Germany, and France, with plans for a global release in the near future.


Key enhancements include:

DualSense Controller Sound Enhancements:

The update enhances the DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers’ built-in microphones and speakers. It increases the speaker volume for clearer in-game sounds and voice chat. Noise cancellation has also been improved using a new AI machine learning model, which helps suppress background noise from button presses and game audio, making voice chats clearer.

Share Screen Interactions:

Screen Interactions
Screenshot: PlayStation Blog

Viewers can now interact more dynamically with the host’s gameplay during Share Screen sessions. They can use pointers, send emoji reactions, ping locations, or draw lines on the screen to highlight objects or areas, aiding the host player more effectively. This feature aims to enhance collaborative gameplay and viewer engagement.

Adjustable PS5 Power Indicator Brightness:

Brightness of PS5
Screenshot: PlayStation Blog

Users can now adjust the brightness of the PS5 console’s power indicator light through the system settings, providing more control over the console’s visual indicators.

These updates aim to improve the overall user experience on the PS5, offering both functional improvements and quality-of-life enhancements. Participants in the beta testing will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to download and install the update.

Rizwan Ahmad
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