KartRider: Drift Update 1.23 – Northeu Patch Notes


In a major leap forward for KartRider: Drift, the eagerly anticipated Northeu update, version 1.23, brings a plethora of enhancements and new features aimed at enriching the player experience and deepening the game’s strategic elements. Here’s what players can expect from the update:

KartRider: Drift Update 1.23 – Northeu Patch Notes

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Personal Shop: A significant addition to KartRider: Drift, the Personal Shop offers players the opportunity to purchase items previously sold in the Item Shop. The selection refreshes daily, with the option for an immediate refresh using Mileage. This feature aims to personalize the shopping experience, ensuring items match player preferences and gameplay styles.
  • New Theme and Tracks: The Northeu update introduces 10 new tracks, each with varying levels of difficulty and designed to support both Item and Speed Mode. These tracks, ranging from the serene “Northeu: Faraway Planet” to the challenging “Northeu: Express,” offer fresh racing environments and strategic elements for players to explore.
  • New Characters: Three extraterrestrial characters, Taki, Erini, and Rivaski, join the roster, each with unique skills that add depth to the racing tactics. These characters, available through the Item Shop, come with skills such as Taki’s Lightstone Boost and Erini’s Lightstone Shield, enhancing team dynamics and competitive play.

Game Balance Changes:

  • Karts: Adjustments to kart classifications based on their Drift and Boost Acceleration improve the balance between Speed, Balanced, and Drift Types, tailoring to different racing styles and preferences.
  • Character Skills: The update introduces new skills for characters previously lacking them and modifies existing skills for others, aiming to balance the competitive field further and encourage strategic character selection.

New Bonus Tickets:

  • The introduction of new Bonus Tickets, including the Proficiency 100% Bonus Ticket and the RP & Lucci & Proficiency 100% Bonus Ticket, aims to reward players more generously for their race completions, incentivizing continued play and competition.

Active Skill Changes:

  • Notable changes to Active Skills across various characters, such as “Balloon Blast” for Bazzi and “Leave Me Alone” for Sophia, are implemented to enhance their utility and effectiveness in races. These adjustments address feedback on skill impacts and cooldown times, aiming to make each character’s abilities more viable and strategically interesting.

Passive Skill Changes:

  • Modifications to Passive Skills, including “Competitive Spirit” for Diz and “Hydrophobic” for Rena, focus on increasing skill activations and refining their effects. These changes are designed to provide more meaningful impacts during races and expand strategic options for players.

Traction System Overhaul:

  • The Traction System has been updated, reducing bonuses to acceleration and maximum speed but introducing a Refill System. This system allows players falling behind to catch up more effectively, adding a new layer of strategy and comeback potential to races.

Game Modes and Matchmaking Adjustments:

  • Enhancements to Ranked Queue, Item Mode, and Continuous Matchmaking aim to improve player experience through better matchmaking, the addition of new game elements like the Seeker Missile, and streamlined race start processes.

Track and UI/UX Improvements:

  • Several tracks have been adjusted for better visibility and racing dynamics. The UI/UX improvements, including the addition of graphs for Kart Performance and a Compare feature, enhance player understanding and comparison of karts, contributing to a more informed and personalized racing experience.

Bug Fixes:

    • The update addresses various bugs and issues, from minor graphical glitches to specific skill interactions, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

This comprehensive update introduces significant changes and enhancements to KartRider: Drift, focusing on enriching the game’s content, balancing gameplay, and improving the overall player experience.



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