Hell Let Loose Patch 14.8 Hotfix Out Now

Hell Let Loose

The latest Hell Let Loose update 1.029 has been released on March 21, 2024, for consoles and PC, delivering a hotfix for patch 14.8. This update addresses several issues that emerged following the significant 14.8 title update.

Key fixes include resetting achievement progression upon game restart, commander spawn selection in Offensive mode, incorrect Admin Log entries for Skirmish variants, unlocking the “Rule Breaker” achievement erroneously, inflated Skirmish match wins count on PS5 for certain achievements, and the indestructibility of the British Forces’ AT-Gun by tank or anti-tank rounds.


Additionally, development on Update 15 is underway, with plans for a Mortain PTE 2 testing phase being scheduled​.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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