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What’s The Difference Of Playing Games On A Triple Monitor Setup?

Playing games on a single monitor now seem to be something belonging to a bygone era. With many exciting and thrilling options available to gamers, they now want nothing but the...

Reasons To Buy ZAGG Gaming Headphones

Are you looking for gaming headphones that have high quality sound output? Are you looking for the best deals with product warranties? You should check out ZAGG; they can solve all...

2013’s Best PC Games Thus Far

When you want to gain focus and refresh your tired mind, PC games are the best option. Last year brought some of the most amazing PC games ever, such as Halo...

Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Be Soon for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC

Activision recently revealed that its top-selling franchise of Call of Duty (Call of Duty: Ghost) will be provided this year with the latest installment on PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360 and on the next-gen...

Top 5 Car Games to Enjoy the Thrill of Speed

1. Need for Speed World - Electronic Arts (PC) One can enjoy this game due to various features like police chase, car tuning, illegal street races and other fun elements available in...

Playing In The Virtual World With Real Emotion – A Dangerous Combination

Gaming is indeed a nice pastime but should not be made a habit. Addiction of gaming is really hazardous. It is a kind of drug which is very difficult to let...

Computer Gaming Fun: What Does the BMX Bike Game Have to Offer?

Computer Gaming  With the advancement in technology, lots of people are now using their computer. As people have found the use of the computer to help them with their work, they also...

Tips to Save Your Game

Everyone knows that bingo is a fun game of pure chance.  It is similar to a coin toss.  One toss of the coin has absolutely no effect on the outcome of...

What to Buy and Other Things to Consider for a Great PC Gaming Experience

Gaming changed the way we live as kids and teenagers. From the time of the simple joystick of the arcade machine to either the console or the PC, the continuous advancements...

Bestselling Games Consoles 2013

Overall, console sales are down 25%. We’ll chalk that up to mobile market and online MMORPGs. But the top dogs of the console world aren’t going down without a fight. Do...

Biggest Selling Apple Apps of 2012

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have enjoyed a huge amount of popularity ever since their conception. Today’s consumer demands to have the world at their fingertips, and this technology allows...
Split Second Velocity

Split Second Velocity: The Best Action Car Racing Game

Today we will talk about a racing game which is definitely the best car racing game of 2012 in the segment of the best car racing game 2012. Split Second Velocity...