How Delete Your Likes In Facebook Timeline?

While surfing on the internet we often see Facebook and many other social networking icons on most of the site and when we find them interesting we likes them by clicking on the option of many social networking icons  like Facebook and twitter.

So all the likes we do on the internet or the likes we creates in our Facebook profile like movies, music, books, games, television etc they all are stored there in our Facebook profiles like page. But how you can delete or edit your Facebook likes in timeline?

it may be a question for some one who is not much familiar with the new timeline of Facebook and want to delete likes from Facebook timeline. Now you can  edit and delete your likes in timeline in tow ways see below:

1- To edit your likes in timeline just go to your timeline and click on the likes option below to your cover photo.

Then click on the edit option now to delete your likes just select the like you want to delete and hit enter on your keyboard. see below: 

2- To delete your other likes that you have made by surfing the internet just look for the option ”Other Pages You Like” below to your all likes at the end of the Favorites page

Click on that and you will get all your other likes list to delete your likes just click on the unlike button and the selected like will be deleted to your Timeline.

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