Have you ever receive any Email with an attachment on your computer or or laptop off course you have and you also have received and downloaded files from Emails on your mobile phones. But when you have to send a file to anyone by converting it to a different format then you probably use a file converting software to convert your file and after that you send that file to anyone.

But now you don’t have to use any kind of software to convert your file before sending it to anyone. If you have a ‘Mp4 video’ file or a ‘Png image file in your mobile but you want to Email these file into a different format, but as you know that you can’t convert your file into different format by using your phone until if you don’t have any file conversion software install to your phone. Now how you will do that here is your answer.

There are many on line tools available from where you can convert your file online and you don’t have to download any kind of software for this. Now you can convert and email your file by going to the zamzar.com on your mobile browser.

Go to zamzar and at the home page you will get 4 option just select from your mobile or inter the URL of the file then specify the output format after that inter the Email Id of the person to whom you want to send that file now just click on upload button and you are done. Within a few second your file will be available to download.

Now you don’t have to download the attachment file to you mobile phone you can send that attachment file directly to your zamzar account and can convert your file into different formats and if you want to download that file you can also do that. Remember you can only upload files to zamzar by Email and it will stay there for only 24 hour so you will have to download your file before 24 hours.

You can convert files into so many different formats with zamzar like, Audio Video files, Doc files, E-books, and many more. Click Here for the complete list of file formats that you can use.

I used this service on my Samsung Wave y phone and it was a great experience. It works great i just selected my file then i   specified the output format and given my Email id and just clicked upload and in a few second i received my converted file into my Email account.

Just Try this. If you like this post then give your comments .

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