Have you ever imagine using any of the internet services without the internet connection something like checking your Facebook account without an ay internet connection? if no then let me tell you if you don’t have an internet connection even if you don’t have any (EDGE/GPRS/3G) enabled phone and you want to use you Facebook on your old model phone which is not completable to use internet service you don’t have to worry you can still use your Facebook account on any phone. In India, you can use your Facebook account by dialing *325# (or *fbk#) from your mobile phone. To use this service you don’t have to use any kind of internet or data service.

Now Access Your Facebook Account On Any Mobile Without Internet

To use this service just dial *325# (or *fbk#) then enter your username and password now you can access Facebook account. You can chat with friends who are online, You can add a new friend to your friend’s list, and more.

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