Have you ever tried to find out that all the videos you search and watch on youtube.com where they go when you finished you finished watching your video, All the video and that you search and watch on youtube.com they all get stored in your youtube viewing history automatically. Now if you want to find and delete your youtube search history. Just follow the simple steps below:

1- Log in to your youtube account.
2- Then click on your profile photo at right top of the corner.

3- Now click on ‘video manager’.

4- Now click on history at left hand side of the page.
5- Now you can see all your YouTube viewing history that which type of videos you have seen and what searches you had made using your account.

Now if you want to delete these history from your account you can do it very easily just click on the ‘Clear all viewing history’ and you can also delete a single videos if you want to delete only one particular video to delete a single video just mark the video and click remove button your video will be removed from your viewing history, and if you want to delete all your history then click on ‘Clear all viewing history’ you history will be removed from your account See below.

Pause And Resume Viewing History:

If you don’t want that youtube save your viewing history you can pause your youtube viewing history, so when you will search and watch any video on youtube it will not save your viewing history and when you want to resume your history just click on resume history and youtube will start saving your viewing history.

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