Top Advertising Network For Blog Publishers And Advertisers

Top Advertising Network For Blog Publishers And Advertisers

To day so many people creating and making blog and web sites to make money with their blog or web sites that’s why they creates blog or web site to earn a dissent amount of money from their blog or web site. when you starts creating a blog or web site you give lots of efforts to make your blog popular and interesting to your readers over the internet. How is a successful blog, a successful is which provides original text content which is not copied or written from any other blog or web sites. According to Google there no shortcuts to success, a good blog or web sites takes time and effort to be successful and you have to take patience. To know how to create a high quality web site you can read my previous article on How To Create high Quality Web Sites you can also read 10 Prohibited Content Which Violates Google Adsense Program Policy so if you have all done this to your blog then you will be successful in your field and it will give you long turn profit.

If you think that you have blog or a web site which you have created with lots of effort and your blog has much enough original text content and you receiving so many visitors on your blog then you must try these advertising network for your blog to monetize it and to make money from your blog or web site you can try these advertising networks that i have listed below. Today lots of people creating lots of new blog but there are many blogger or web site owner who don’t know how to and where to monetize their blog or web site so i decided to give you some of the top advertising network over the Internet which you can use to monetize your blog and you can make dissent amount of money from your blog.  


Top Advertising Network For Blog

1- Google adsense 
Google adense is a one of the mots popular and widely used advertising network over the internet. Googl adesnse is a free program for blog publishers to earn money by showing relevant contextual ads on a blog or web sites. Google adsense is above all this is the best advertising network you can use if you want to earn a dissent money from your blog. But remember you to get started with adsense you will have to get a approved adsense account, for this you will have to send a application form to Google adesne for approval if you get approved then you are every lucky because getting approved for Google adsense is much hard now because you have to fulfill the adsense privacy policy you can get complete information about adsense policy here and you can also read this 10 Prohibited Content Which Violates Google Adsense Program Policy  to sign up for Google adsense Click Here    

2- Affinity

Affinity is second in this list which is also very good advertising program for bloggers it is something like Google adsense to get an account on affinity you have sign up for it on the site but the difference is that in google adsense you can not log in to your adsense account until you get approved for adsense but in affinity you can log in to your account and then you have to send the request to get ads on your site or blog thier are many ads fromats available on the site which you awnt to add on your site just apply for it the affinity team members will review your request and if you get approved for that ad format you will be able to set that ad format into your site. To sign up you can Click Here to take a demo of different type of ads on your site or blog you can Go Here.

3- Say Media AdNetwork

Say media ad network is a leading brand advertising network over the internet which is highly dedicated to serve the most popular brand advertising on the internet the ads formats are so good amazing. Say media provides ads of big brands like Addidas, Rebook, Nike, BMW, Ferrari and many other branded companies ads are being served by the say media network. You can Apply here but remember the approval process hi quite tuff say media requires 50000 unique visitors on your site before they get you in their ad network. for live demo Click Here For Demo

4- Fusionads
Fusionads is a ad network which provides ad space by booking ad spot if you want to add a ads spot on your site or blog you have to book a ad spot before you can add a ad on your blog. Fusion ads consist of a 130 by 100 pixel image and an additional 80 characters of text. to join with this network you can Click Here.

5- Influads

Inflauds ad network work with top publishers if you provie them googd quality content you acn apply for this ad network by Clicking Here  they send payment only with paypal if you have paypal account you can use it if you dont have paypal account you can create one here

6- Smowtion
Smowtion is also good advertising network for bloggers. Smowtion provides different types of ads formats to chose for. Smowtion counts your ad revenue on per 1000 ad impression which you get on your blog or web site you can apply for this ad network by Clicking Here

7- Spotxchange
spotxchange is a largest global marketplace to serve video ads for publishers the ad price you have to set that what price you want to take for your ad spot, using this network you will be able to work top global brands it provides high CPMs for providing high quality traffic.

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