Use Remote Surveillance From any CCTV Cameras With Your Android Phone


To day every one knows about Android and the phone and devices which are built in  with Android OS. There are a huge number of applications are available on Google play store from where you can download any app for your phone which you like, some apps are free and some of them are paid. Today i will tell about a android app which is called Tiny Cam Monitor PRO one of the best app available in the Google play market for remote Surveillance this app is also available for Tablets and Google TV.

CCTV Cameras

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With Tiny Cam Monitor PRO You can easily take control and monitor any activity from any IP cameras on your Android phone , Tablet and Google TV. This app lets you to control and record your private/public network with your IP cameras with this app you can control and monitor any thing by using this app on your android phone, tablet and Google TV.

Best Features of  Tiny Cam Monitor PRO Android App

1- This app supports MJPEG compatible devices
2- It supports SSL (https) for secure monitoring and encrypting credentials
3- It supports different layouts with unlimited camera supports
4-You can control video with pan-tillt zoom (PTZ) enabled devices
5- 24/7 hour recording using SD card, FTP server, or Drop box. Video playback is under development
6- Very easy to use with pinch zoom enabled
7- Sequence mode for automatic cameras switching
8- Easily import export data from SD cards to your drop box account
9- It has Native interface for Honeycomb tablets and Google TV
10- A fully CPU efficient

You can download it’s free version or you can purchase it’s pro version if you want to by pro version of this app then it will cost you about Rs.220 INR.

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