5 Reasons Why Reviews Will Sell/Not Sell a Product

5 Reasons Why Reviews Will Sell/Not Sell a Product

People seek for reviews when they want an assurance,that whatever they want to purchase is worth their money. More than the issue of money, we all read reviews to get a second, third and fourth opinion. If we are convinced, about the product, the service, the book, or the movie, we want to make sure that others or most people believe in what we believe too. Moreover, if we are not aware about what the product can do for us, we want to be informed.

Here are 5 reasons why reviews will sell/not sell a product.

1. If the review manifests general knowledge,then it may not be helpful.
The reason why people go to reviews, is that they want specific knowledge about a product. If you are already telling them something that they already know, then they can’t find a good enough reason to buy the product. You need to be specific. You can even get technical, especially for products relating to technology.


2. When the review seems like it was created by the people behind the product, it’s just not as effective. It is a fact, however that the best people who can write about what the product is, are the people behind it. You need to remember, however that those who are looking for reviews do not need an instructional manual. They are searching for how the product actually performs in specific circumstances. They need a consumer-based opinion.

3. A well written review will definitely help sell a product. It is like a manifestation that someone important cared enough to talk about it. It will make consumers believe that the product may have caused a good, selling sensation in the market.

4. Having a dedicated page or site where the product is lambasted, is not a review, it is plainly hate literature and hate material. This of course will create a stir; but it is always better to make sure the product reviews show up in credible 3rd party sites that just serve as pages for honest, professional reviews.

5. Citing a specific target audience will bring in more opportunities for good sales. It can point out as to whom the product or service will be useful and how it has helped others. By targeting a niche for the review, it will certainly grab the attention of people and get more comments; and possible sales.

The power of product reviews cannot be underestimated. You cannot expect that the majority of those who read reviews are too gullible to be swayed by a review structure that is crappy. If they’re too gullible for their own good, they why look for a review? Why not just purchase the product after seeing its advertisement?
Thus, by generating well-written reviews on credible websites, the power of word-of-mouth marketing will be at work. These are supposedly realistic approaches of convincing people who haven’t purhcased the product yet. The convincing is done by people who have supposedly used, seen and witness the strengths, the vulnerabilities of the product in an unbiased, informational way.

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