How To Use Android Phone As a Webcam To Make Video Calls On Skype


Android has so much to offer to make our life better and easy with it’s some of the best application which makes our mobile very useful and impressive. With our android phone we can do so many tings that we can’t imagine with any other mobiles phones. Google has given thousands of free android apps which we can use to do more with our android phone. But today i will tell you about a android app which you can use to make your android phone as webcam i will also tell you that how you can use you android phones camera as a webcam to make a video call on Skype.

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If you want to make a video call or you want a video chat with your friend and you don’t have a webcam you can use your android phone as a webcam and you can make video calls and video chat with any chat service which has a video call feature. So lets talk about the process how you will do this to turn your android phone into a webcam you can read my previous article “How To Use Your Android Smartphone As a Webcam“. Or you can simply follow the steps below.

How to turn Android phone into webcam

1- First thing you need is turning your android phone into a webcam so you can use it with any chat service to make video calls, for this just download for android just download the app and install it into your phone.

2- Now you will need a windows client called
just go there and download this client into your PC if you are using Linux OS then select that now install it into your PC that’s it you are now ready to use your android phone as a webcam. You can use your phones camera with a WiFi network if you have one but if you want to connect your with a data cable you can use it after installing open it from the program menu and select select Connect to Phone (USB).

Using your android phones camera with Skype for video call 

1- Now after turning your phones camera into webcam you can use it on Skype to make video calls or video chat. For this just download and install Skype on your PC if you don’t have Skype installed into your PC you can download it after downloading and installing Skype on your PC open it and select the online friend you want to make video call and select Droid Cam as your webcam from the menu and you are done. Now start using video call with your android phones camera.

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