How To Use Galaxy S3 Smart Alert, Smart Stay Features on Your Android Phone

How To Use Galaxy S3 Smart Alert, Smart Stay Features on Your Android Phone

Galaxy S3 Smart Alert, Smart Stay Feature
Are you some one who is planning to by Samsung Galaxy s3 to get features like smart alert, smart stay by replacing your old android phone? If yes then let me tell you one thing that you don’t even need to replace or sell your old android phone to get Samsung Galaxy s3 to use it’s some of the best features like smart alert, smart stay, you can use these features on your existing android phone and there is no need to spent some extra dollars to get Samsung galaxy s3. If you don’t want to spent any extra dollars and you want to use galaxy s3 smart features on your android phone you can simply turn your android phone into Samsung galaxy s3 to use smart alert, smart stay features on your android phone, let me tell you that how you will do this

What you need 
If you want to use Galaxy S3 Smart Alert, Smart Stay Feature on your phone you can use theses features on any of your android 2.3 or higher version phone. for this just download the android app called SmartStay Ex
this is the free version of SmartStay Ex if you wan to use all features of the app then you will need to upgrade it to pro version. SmartStay Ex app is great app which lets you to use some of the best galaxy s3 features on your android 2.3 version phone like Smart Alert, Smart Stay.


How SmartStay Ex App Works
SmartStay Ex app is a very smrt app which keeps your screen awake while you are using it. When you enable it from the setting it starts scanning faces automatically by using your front facing camera at regular intervals. It keeps your phone screen awake from turning off until it didn’t get any face when it gets and scan a face it gets alive and keeps your screen from turning off.

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