Galaxy S3

Are you someone that is looking to get a new phone? If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, you may have seen the new Samsung Galaxy S3 on the home page and thought it looked cool. The Samsung Galaxy 3S is now on pre-order on the website. If you are considering pre-ordering this phone, you probably want to know a bit about it first. Knowing what kind of specifics the phone has can help you decide better if it is the right phone for you. You will also need to decide whether or not you want to spend your money on this new top of the line phone.

The first thing that you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that it comes in two colors. You can choose between Marble White and Pebble Blue when you are buying the phone. It is made from brushed polycarbonate. The screen on the phone is 4.8 inches. The Samsung Galaxy S3 weighs in at 133 grams and feels very light when you hold it. Some people may like this, but some may regard this as the phone being cheap and poorly made. The phone has such a light feel that you may not even notice that it is in your pocket. The front is made from really solid Gorilla Glass, manufactured by Corning. The phone has a rounded design as well. The battery cover for this phone is removable and there is a micro USB port at the bottom of the phone for chargers. You can also use this to plug the phone into docks if you want to. There is a place in the back under the battery cover as well for a memory chip if you want to add memory to your phone.

Smart Stay
The Samsung Galaxy S3 has Smart Stay, which means that the phone will stay lit up as long as you are looking at it. When you go to sleep, the phone will go to sleep. If you are typing and you decide that you would rather call someone, all you will need to do is lift the phone to your ear and it will automatically make the call. Some people may like this feature but some may find it annoying if you wave your phone around a bit. Your phone will also have a feature called Smart Alert that will let you know if you have any missed calls or messages. If you are familiar with an iPhone, this is very similar to the missed call or text feature on there.

When you are deciding whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the right phone for you, you will want to consider all of the great things that it does. You will also want to determine whether or not you want to spend the money. This phone is comparable to the iPhone but if you are looking for something new and fun, you may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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