Tech Guide to the Mercury Navigation DVD Update

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The Mercury motor vehicle badge is one of North America’s best loved top quality auto names and is wholly owned by the parent company of Ford.  The cars come filled with hi tech gadgets and functionalities including superb accessories that have been developed to let your driving be as pleasurable as it can be. Just one of the more practical options that come with Mercury vehicles will be the optional GPS navigation unit which is equipped with Navteq digital mapping. The dashboard Mercury GPS device is responsive, accurate, and features a big touch screen display designed with easy of use in mind.

But, the GPS navigation solution is only going to be as accurate as your road maps that are pre-loaded on the system… and therefore the Mercury and Ford company suggests that you up-date the GPS mapping at least once every 12 months. But how pain-free is this and just how can you actually do it? Check out the following technical article on how you can do this using a Mercury Navigation DVD quickly and easily.

Tech Guide to the Mercury Navigation DVD Update

Step 1: Get New Mapping from Navteq

The maps on a Mercury Navigation  System are produced by Navteq, and it’s only direct from their website or from an official Mercury car dealership that you should buy GPS map upgrades. All of the new route and maps come on a DVD which is appropriate for all models and devices included on the Mercury badge. In order to get the Mercury 2012 DVD you’ve got to go to the official Navteq online store, pick your Mercury model type and year, and after which order online. Most of the time you will need to wait up to seven business days for the new map DVD to turn up, but when it does installing the software is invariably relatively easy:

Installing New Mercury Navigation System Updates

  1. Find the disk slot for the navigation unit. Almost all the time this will be embedded in the dash board – however on several earlier models this was placed inside the glovebox or underneath the driver car seat.
  2. If your existing Mercury Navigation DVD remains in the drive, then remove it and then put in the new Navteq 2012 disc.
  3. The Mercury navigation system touch screen should then show a pop-up note stating “do you need to up-date road maps” – you will want to hit the “yes” option.
  4. You will now be required to enter your DVD’s registration serial using the display – this serial code is found on the DVD label which came with the Mercury packaging.
  5. Usually the latest Mercury maps and routes will commence installing without your help so be sure to remember to never shut the GPS navigation device off in this process as it could result in the application to become corrupted.

The full install normally takes no longer than 30 minutes and once it is complete means it is possible to use the car again whilst having the faith that your car contains the freshest routes and directions on it that exist for North America and Canada.

Why Upgrade Mercury GPS Navigation Maps?

Analysis completed by Navteq in Germany 2010 revealed that motorists who use an up to date GPS are usually more likely so save on petrol and gas charges – and ultimately appear to actually lessen his or her carbon impact over time – this is because they do not waste as much fuel by turning down as many out of date or misguided turns or junctions. In addition to this there are routine updates and new streets in the United States that won’t be on your own Mercury GPS system except if you purchase a completely new navigation DVD and install the latest up-grades.

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