Amazon Gets Into the Smartphone Game


Amazon Gets Into the Smartphone GameJust when you thought everybody had released their own smartphone, now Amazon is taking the leap! The popular online giant has already cornered the market on tablets with the advent of their well-priced and practical Kindle Fire, so now they are ready to tackle something new.
The Amazon smartphone will run Android software. But how will it fare against other competitors? With so many different smartphones for consumers to choose from, will the new Amazon model be able to stand out in the smartphone crowd?

The Good News for Amazon
Amazon isn’t starting from scratch. They have a built-in following that’s already addicted to their Kindles, love shopping on the site, buy music from the MP3 store and download apps. These consumers will have no problem trying out an Amazon phone.


Also, experts say the new Amazon phone will be well priced, so it will be an affordable option for smartphone lovers. It sounds like it could be a smaller Kindle Fire, with a phone built in! This would be a blessing for so many Amazon fans. If Amazon offers a plan that wouldn’t require customers to sign a contract, that would make it even better.

The Bad News
Another smartphone in a sea of phones may not get the attention it desires. Lots of phones can be used for the same tasks, whether you’re shopping for Amish made furniture or launching birds at pigs. New competitors are cropping up every year in the smartphone market. What will make the Amazon phone different? Remember the Google smartphone? Exactly!

The Amazon phone may not be released until 2013, which means it won’t be out in time for the holiday season. Once people receive or buy new smartphones for Christmas, they may not want to put money into the Amazon phone. The timing could be a little bit off for this new phone.

What Will the Phone Offer?
The new Amazon smartphone is currently going through its testing phase. The tester phone has a screen size of roughly four to five inches. Not too many details are known about the phone, other than the fact that users will have access to all of the things that they love about the Kindle Fire, such as the stellar app store, MP3 store and the Amazon shopping application, which is fun and easy to use.

The phone may also retail for under $200, which definitely puts it into a more affordable category than something like the iPhone. Some rumors are emerging that say the phone could be a combination of phone and tablet, called a “phablet,” but this isn’t known for sure. The Samsung Galaxy Note is a very popular “phablet,” so these devices are expected to become the new norm.

Customer Happiness
Amazon is a company known for doing what it takes to make customers happy. With the Amazon Prime membership, low prices on everything, great apps and deals along with the convenience and ease of the Kindle Fire, what will the company do to turn its e-readers into smartphone users? We can’t wait to see.

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