Can You Imagine What the Home of the Future Will Look Like?


Imagine a home that is powered totally by an electronic device. Where with a push of the button, power turns on and off, the ambiance becomes romantic and luxuriously warm and recipes are magnified onto large screens in the kitchen whilst you talk to the page and tell it to change to the next page.  For many years we have watched science fiction tempt us with scenes like this, a picture of what many believe is technology waiting for our children’s children and beyond. Of course, this technology is not new with prototypes, some of which have been on the market for a few decades now.

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More Than a Prototype?

This early technology became obsolete very quickly after it was incorporated and this may have in part been due to the rapid advance in technology that has taken place since the 1970’s. Some would argue that the technology available today is more than a prototype. Touch wall controls are part of our lives for heating and some other home features, but new technology that includes tablets and can include most if not all home electrical and electronic features, controlled by portable tablets that can also be used for other purposes do add an interesting twist to  this technology.

Homes throughout the world are being built with this technology included and whilst it can be expensive to set it up, the technology can be a very efficient way to regulate electricity usage around the home and perhaps add something a little special to home life and to how families organise their lives.  With the promise of time and money saving devices being a major attraction for automated living, there is sure to be an increasing demand for this to become a dominant feature in new homes.

The Technological Age

Whilst the cost of incorporating this new technology into all new homes is probably not within most new homebuyers’ budgets, it is arguably only a matter of time before electronics and technology is used to regulate all the electrical items in our homes and offices. It is only a matter of time until we see a steady decline in the overall costs involved with the installation and operating costs of these appliances.

The home that has been automated by touchpad technology could potentially find a regulation of their power usage and therefore the amount charged for utilities. Incentives are provided to consumers to provide families with incentives to stay in the home and access entertainment provided through the devices in a way that rivals cinemas and other entertainment outlets for a share in the family entertainment budget.

However, potentially the reverse could also be true.  Increasing our reliance on computerised technology is placing a great deal of trust in devices that are not without fault. If there is a service fault, the cause is sometimes very difficult to diagnose and repair or replacement part quotes are often very expensive. However, an increasing number of people feel the convenience offered by these space age gadgets more than compensates them for the rare chance of a fault or malfunction.  It is likely our children’s children will enjoy automated conveniences we can still only dream about.

With so many new technologies currently in development we certainly have an interesting future to look forward to.  Who knows, we may even see gas and Electricity Prices drop as the range of new and innovative devices become more mainstream.

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