Changing Your Broadband and Telephone Provider Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

Changing Your Broadband and Telephone

Choosing a typical broadband or telephone contract can feel like a big commitment, with many providers requiring that you sign up your business to a long-term tariff that keeps you committed for an extended period. You might readily assume that the process of changing over your service to a new provider at the end of the minimum contract would be an equally daunting prospect, the thought of which might keep you shackled to the same provider even if it is no longer living up to the requirements of your business.

Thankfully, this is not the case, since changing providers is a relatively uncomplicated process, which if approached from the right angle, can be completed with minimal fuss or head scratching. If you want to change broadband and telephone providers the first thing you will need to do is identify a package that is suitable for your business.


A wide range of tariff options are available so you can afford to shop around before committing to a deal. However, you also need to be able to see through the marketing material and get to the core of each offer in order to ensure that it is right for your company.
Packages will usually be arranged in a tiered fashion so that a provider can cater to businesses of different sizes, but you need to think about whether the service you choose gives you enough flexibility to account for future growth.

Do not forget that you may be better off if you actively engage with providers in order to find out more about their packages before you commit because this will prevent you from making a poor decision when you switch to a new broadband and telephone service. Once you have found the right deal, you need to start the switch-over process, the details of which will vary depending on your circumstances and the on-premises set-up.

You will of course need to ensure that you are no longer under contract to your existing provider so that you can switch to a new company. It is possible to get out of contracts early, although you may typically find that you have to pay for the privilege, which might be problematic in some instances.
After informing your current provider that you are switching, you will need to get in touch with your new provider in order to get the ball rolling.

When it comes to changing over your broadband service to another provider, you will need to get a migration authorisation code (MAC) from your current provider, which is used to uniquely identify you as a customer and provide information about the local telephone exchange which your line is currently using. This is only relevant if you have a DSL broadband service delivered via copper telephone wiring. Fibre optic customers do not need to receive a MAC, nor indeed do those who are starting an entirely new service via a fresh connection.

Most of the hard work from this point on is carried out behind the scenes by the service providers involved, which means you can sit back and wait for your new broadband and telephone package to come into effect.

Modern techniques allow for seamless switch-overs between providers, which means that you should experience minimal downtime in most instances, helping to avoid any additional costs being levelled against your company.

Being able to change phone and broadband providers so easily is a good thing, because it encourages competition and makes providers react to the market rather than dictate its direction without any outside input being taken into consideration each time.

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