Five Cool Gadgets To Keep You Powered Up While On The Road

Five Cool Gadgets To Keep You Powered Up In this age of mobile technology we are all thinking about what we cannot be without on our next vacation. and what we absolutely must take with us when we hit the road. Below we have listed five cool items to keep us powered up, and online no matter where our travels take us, including what is now our favorite piece of carry-on the power bag sling.

1. Powerbag sling- ($139) is where fashion meets function. With living in this technological age the one thing we are always worried about when traveling is our electrical devices running out of power. Well worry no more thanks to the powerbag sling with a built-in lightweight rechargeable 3000mAf battery that can charge the average smart phone two times on a full battery. This revolutionary new bag also includes built in connections for all Apple products, including the MacBook Air, and three different size USB connections. If you are looking for a bag to carry your digital life the powerbag sling is certainly worth a look. The only downside we found with this product was it inability to charge Mac Laptops, due to Apple not licencing it out to other vendors. The powerbag is also available as a Backpack, Deluxe Backpack, and a Business Class Pack. For more information visit their website at. My Powerbag.

2. The Innergie Pocket Cell– ($79.99) is another device to keep you powered up while on the go. Being a power cell it is small enough to carry around in your pocket. The makers claim the battery is super safe, and can provide an additional four and a half hours usage for an IPad, and 15 hours talk time on your mobile. Plus with its magic cable you can connect to any devise. For more information visit their website at


3. Belkin Mini Surge protector- ($20) Just plug it into the wall, and your one outlet becomes three with two built in USB connections allowing you, and all your friends a place to power up. For more information visit their website at

4. The 150Mbps Wireless N mini pocket router- TL-WR700N. ($29.99)Not every hotel in the world has Wi-Fi but with the TL-WR700N you can just plug it into the wall enter the default password and enjoy having a wireless network in your hotel room. For more information visit their website at

5. The Conair adapter– if you are traveling overseas electrical outlets in each country seem to be different, with some being three plugs, others being two some are square pins, and some are round pins. A great way, and a fantastic tool to avoid this nightmare is the Conair all-in-one adapter ($21.99) A smart cube containing the four most common plugs in the world. The adapter also has a built in power surge protector so you don’t have to worry about your electrical devices getting fried. For more information visit their website at.

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