H2o Audio, music underwater and how it aids swimming

H2o Audio, music underwater and how it aids swimming

There are tens of thousands of people around the country who love to listen to music while they hit the gym or run a few km on or off the treadmill. It is commonly known that listening to the right kind of music often boosts performance dramatically and can lead to you running farther than you thought you could, or lifting more than you thought you were able to before. It has been proven that music definitely has a clear positive effect on performance in workout activities, but what about swimmers? For many swimmers, doing endless laps of the pool can be a tedious task without musical accompaniment.

Finally we have a solution! There are many underwater music products out there nowadays that allow you to listen to your music while doing laps of the pool. It is obvious to anyone that taking your expensive iPod into the pool is a bad idea, but now waterproof MP3 storage devices like H2o Audio as well as specially designed ceramic plates in place of earphones can make the dream of listening to your favorite tunes while gliding through the water into a reality. These ceramic plates work in an amazing way; they transmit sound waves to your eardrum through your skull. Since sound conducts much faster through solids than it does through liquids or air, you will get a very similar sound quality through this system as regular earphones. Since your ears are designed to hear using the air, the ceramic earphones can’t actually improve the sound quality you can hear (despite the increase in conduction speed and accuracy through your solid skull), but can very closely rival it.

Designed with swimmer’s needs in mind, specifically timed music could in theory help swimmers keep strokes in time like never before. Tracks with tempos suited for an individual swimmer can improve timing dramatically, and you will be sure to see as much as a third of a second shaved off your 50m time, and 6-7 seconds taken off your 800m time. This truly remarkable improvement can be attributed in part to the timing effect of music tracks, but also to the motivational nature of many commonly used workout songs. Listening these songs while swimming can motivate you to complete just one more lap, or perform your strokes just that little bit faster.

So listening to music while swimming really can improve your performance, so why not give it a go? Investing in an underwater music system could be the best money you’ve ever spent to improve your swimming times, your technique and your timing.

Author: This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Swim, a leading online swimwear retailer based in the UK.

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