Show a traveler from the past your smart phone and you could find yourself being denounced as either an ungodly demon or an alien, and we’re not talking about a traveler from ancient history either, someone from the middle of the 20th century would give you the same reaction. We have become accustomed to what our pocket held technology can do, so much so that we take it for granted. There are smart phone applications in development now that only a couple of years ago we were seeing on the big screen as part of some Hollywood blockbuster, inventions by the special effects department that are now on their way to becoming reality.

Holographic Displays
In Japan you can currently buy a smart phone that has a 3D display, though there are not that many applications currently on the market that can utilise it. However, this is not deterring designers and techno geeks that are working on making it much more viable. While we may still be a few years away from the holographic projection skills of R2D2 those white coated techie types are definitely working on it. Though it will probably mostly be used for pseudo Princess Leia type messages to begin with.

The Universal Translator
Easily recognised from sci-fi series such as Star Trek the universal translator removes such barriers to communication such as language issues and has everyone speaking English. This is one application that could definitely come in handy. There is already in existence an app that with allow you to translate text into speech, with one variant being able to translate at least seven different written languages into English, with the hopes that a commercial version of the app can be released to the public soon. After text to speech translations comes speech to speech and there are projects currently being undertaken to develop such software, unfortunately right now, our smart phones can’t accommodate the technology needed to support the app, but we can wait, it’s a much better prospect than a babel fish in the ear.

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The Medical Scanner
Again we return back to the realm of Star trek and Dr McCoys trusty medical scanner, a quick swipe over the body resulting in an instant diagnosis. While there are plenty of medical related apps available they are more for research than real time medical emergencies. Over in Japan there are some prototype smart phones that have the ability to not only monitor your heart rate, but also check your CO2 levels and measure your body fat, then all of this information is sent off to your GP or health care provider. There is currently technology in use by medical personnel who have to deal with patients in remote areas, they have a piece of equipment which they can connect to their phones which will allow them to scan patients, the information is then sent off to a remote unit where the images are analysed. It’s not quite at the level of being able to perform your own x-rays or ultrasound scans, but the technology is definitely getting there.

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