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Your wedding is a magical time in your life, and you’ll want to document it as best as you can so that you can look back at the day and share the memories with friends, family and future children. A great way to do this is through blogging. You can easily create your own blog for free using a simple platform like Blogger or WordPress. Once you’ve created your page, you can start capturing all of the great memories, including the following.b

The Engagement
Obviously, the first post should be a recap of the day you got engaged. This is a question that your children and your grandchildren will ask you in many years to come, and it would be a wonderful keepsake to show them a blog that you created to capture all of the events of your engagement. You can talk about the exact moment of the engagement, or you can build up with a synopsis of how the entire day went. Just make sure to include all the details you’ll want to remember later in life.

How You Met
If you want to be truly thorough, you can always travel way back in time and post about how you and your fiancé met. Again, you’ll want to include all the details that you remember. You can also share fun stories about your first date, fun dates or trips you had together, when you met each other’s parents, and even the first time you said “I love you” to one another. You can always do this before the engagement post, or you can back track after.

The Planning
Blogging while planning a wedding may seem like an added level of stress, but it can actually be very beneficial. You can monitor the choices you had and the decisions you make, everything from the color of bridesmaid dresses down to what music you chose to use. You may look back and wonder why you made certain decisions or why you though certain decisions were hard. Plus, sometimes while writing the blog about the stress and difficulties you’re facing, you may just find your solution.

The Wedding Party
Write a blog post about the people you selected to be in the wedding, their relationship to you and why you chose them. As much as you may not want to believe it, it’s possible that you and the people who stood up in your wedding will grow apart, and your blog can be a great way to remember how close you were and why they were such an important part of your life. Plus, if you share your blog with wedding guests, it’s a great way for them to learn more about the people who are standing up.

The Shower
Make sure to document the wedding shower agreed Orla James. Try to create a list of who came, where it was held, some of the gifts you received, what games were played (if any) and anything else that was important from the event. Plus, blogs allow you to add photos, so make sure to add some for visuals.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Although you may not want to share the details of these nights with your children, it’s a good way to remember what you did, who came and how much fun you had. You may want to hold off on posting the pictures though.

The Big Day
Obviously, you won’t be blogging on the day of your wedding, but make sure to do so. Share all the photos you possibly can, talk about what you did throughout the day and what you were feeling. Then, discuss how you felt when you saw your soon-to-be spouse for the first time, and what was going through your mind as you were in the middle of the ceremony. All of this is great to remember.
You can also use this as an opportunity to thank your guests for coming and to thank those who made the day possible.

The Honeymoon
Make sure to talk about where you went and what you did (without the kinky details). Also, you’ll want to share fun stories from your trip so that you remember them in the future.
Having a wedding blog is a great way to house all of your memories in one place. Plus, you can easily share the blog with your family and have this moment of your life documented for all to see.

Kathryn Thompson is a photographer and avid writer.  She enjoys scanning wedding blogs and recently found these amazing wedding wordpress themes.

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