Eight Creative Uses for Google Calendar

Eight Creative Uses for Google Calendar

Most people that use Google Calendar only use like a calendar. It is used to set reminders for birthdays, meeting and other types of events. However, Google Calendar is much more than a virtual version of a desk calendar. It can be a great way to keep track of anything that involves times and dates. Here are eight other uses for Google Calendar.

Receive Weather Update
Google Calendar can be a way to get an update on the weather. IFTTT is platform that allows users to connect several web services together. This platform can be used to deliver weather information directly to Google Calendar from services like The Weather Channel. Users can receive warnings about inclement weather.


Make a Reading Diary
Combine Google Calendar with the convenience of IFTTT to create a reading diary. IFTTT will add the URL and text to the calendar. The search ability features of the calendar makes it easy to find an article that was previously read. The calendar can also be used to keep track of reading habits and share books and articles with others.

Keep Track of Dinner Plans
Dinner plans with friends and family have a habit of changing. Make dinner plans, or change them using Google Calendar. To use the calendar in this capacity, invite your friends to dinner and add a note. This will place the event on their calendars, making invitations and changes much easier.

Managing bill payments is easier using Google Calendar. Create a calendar that only for the budget. Schedule paydays and add the recurring bills on the days they need to be paid. Use the alert feature to remember bill payment dates. List all items purchased and the amount of money spent on them on the calendar.

Manage Projects
Businesses that closely work with deadlines can use Google Calendar to schedule events for their employees. Teams can manage their projects by adding text to descriptions and inserting URLS. Multiple calendars are great ways to divide tasks across departments and the entire team is notified of any upcoming deadlines.

Never Forget to Buy that Gift
Occasions like birthdays, weddings and holidays occur at the same time each year. Despite this fact, gift buying is often forgotten. Write down a list of holidays and possible gift recipients. Add these events to the calendar and set a reminder for a week before the birthday. The calendar is also a useful tool for keeping track of gifts and their costs.

Use to Schedule Facebook Posts
IFTTT and Google allows users to schedule Facebook posts. Use the calendar to schedule posts to appear at a specific date. It will appear on Facebook fifteen minutes before event is to occur. If the calendar is not a public one, use a tag to when IFTTT is used and place a description for the tag in the calendar’s event description.

Centralize Employee Scheduling
Now, employees do not have to worry about constantly reminding their employers about their days off. Google Calendar can allow employees to post messages about their future days off and set a reminder alert. This will give team leaders and management the ability to restructure their work around employee absences.

While Google Calendar may seem like the traditional calendar, it can be used for so much more. These are just a few of the ways users can take advantage of this tool. Users may be pleasantly surprised at what this calendar can do.

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