Five Coolest Mobile Apps for the Travelers

In today’s modern world of technological advancements, it has never been easier for travelers to find ways to better their holiday experience, simply with the click of a mouse or the slide of a screen. Many reputable brands have transformed their online selections into easy-to-use applications, making it even simpler for travelers to find valuable information on the go. There is also a great range of cool apps available, which allow holidaymakers to begin planning for their vacation, before even reaching their departure date.

When planning your next adventure, whether it’s close to home or holidaying abroad, be sure to check out these amazing apps for travelers.

Five Coolest Mobile Apps for the Travelers

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Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Phrasebooks & Maps: $ Free

Lonely Planet has a reputation for providing travelers with the best information, regarding just about anything to do with holidaying – and this app is no different. The Lonely Planet app outlines the best things to see and do in each country and city, along with popular phrases and an option to browse activities via region. With cities all around the world included in this app, travelers simply have to slide or tap a screen to find out what’s hot in their destination of choice.

Travel Safe: $0.99

For less than one dollar, travelers can rest assured that their safety is at an all-time high with the Travel safe application. Described as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of travel essentials for your phone, users will have access to currency exchange rates, varying time zones, flashlights, document readers, photo uploads and an emergency dialing system – just to name a few.

Cruise Countdown: $ Free

If you’re planning your next cruise holidays, there is no better way to get excited about you journey than with a full on countdown! Sitting at work, counting down the days until your getaway, has never been more fun with the Cruise Countdown app. This free application allows users to enter in their cruise holiday details, including their itinerary, ports for disembarking and, of course, their departure date for the countdown!

TripAdvisor Hotels, Flights, Restaurants: $ Free

A reputable name within the travel industry, ratings on TripAdvisor can ultimately make or break the success of a hotel, restaurant or airline. Travelers from all around the globe continue to jump on the web to check out the latest reviews, often before finalizing their bookings. The TripAdvisor app has now made it even easier for holidaymakers, who are travelling all around the world, to check out the facilities of their next destinations on the go.

iPatrol Travel Advice: $1.99

A small price to pay for safety, the i Patrol Travel Advice app provides a thorough outline of various scams that are being played on tourists, across a variety of nations. Outline details in more than 50 countries, travelers can find vital information when they need it.
Whether you are looking for a safe way to travel or a fun way to countdown the days to your next holiday, there are no cooler apps than these on the market!

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