How Facebook is Negatively Affecting Your Life


By now, you’ve heard that Facebook is a great way for you to connect with friends and family members who may live far away, reconnect with old friends, find out about promotions from your favorite companies and even find a job. But Facebook is not always all about the benefits. There are plenty of downsides to Facebook, and aside from being a major time waster, there are plenty of ways that Facebook negatively affects your life.


Facebook makes you gain weight.
This occurs for multiple reasons. First, when you’re spending time on Facebook, that means that you’re spending less time engaging in some type of physical activity, such as going to the gym or even cleaning your house. Regularly engaging in physical activity is a great way to keep weight off and keep yourself healthy.


Second, most people tend to snack while they’re perusing Facebook, and oftentimes these snacks are not healthy choices. If you check Facebook more than once per day, that’s more time that you’re spending snacking.

Finally, Facebook allows us to connect with people more regularly. You can easily connect with people from your past, and when it comes to getting together with friends, most people typically dine out. The more in-person connections that you have thanks to Facebook, the more unhealthy choices you’ll make by eating out more regularly.

Facebook makes you spend more money.
We live in a world with competition and jealousy. When people buy a new home, new car, new electronic or new anything, they take a picture of it and post it on Facebook. In order to keep up with everyone’s new and exciting purchases, you’ll be more likely to go out and make a big purchase just to share it on Facebook. Doing this allows you to make other people jealous and become the topic of conversation for a while.

Facebook can make you feel insecure.
If you’re constantly looking at your news feed and noticing all the wonderful things or successes that your friends have, it can make you feel insecure about what you don’t have. If you ever posted your opinion and were attacked by people telling you that you’re wrong, it can make you feel stupid. If you notice that every single one of your friends is in a relationship and you’re single, it can make you insecure.

There are plenty of ways that Facebook can raise insecurities, and trying to overcome these insecurities can make you do something drastic, such as making a financial purchase you can’t afford or indulge in unhealthy habits, such as smoking or drinking.

Facebook makes you less social.
It may seem like an oxymoron, but social media makes you less social because it makes socializing less personal. Now, when you want to socialize, you’ll send a message, poke a friend or simply comment on a status update.

There is no more picking up the phone to have conversations, and there are no more in-person interactions being had as often as there used to be. Because of this, your socializing skills diminish, and you may even find yourself preferring to sit at home and communicate through Facebook instead of engaging in real life events.

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