How to Give an Application Twitter Permissions on your Iphone, Ipod or Ipad.

Every version of the iOS operating system after version 5 has been fully integrated with the Twitter social network. Twitter integration allows you to quickly and easily post updates to your Twitter account through many different applications on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. In order to post updates from a particular app, however, you must first give that app permission to interact with your account. Giving Twitter permissions to an application is something you can do from the main “Settings” application on your device. It’s fairly easy to set up but here we’ll guide you through the simple steps so you can get started quicker.

 Iphone, Ipod or Ipad.

Step 1
Boot up your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and wait for the main “Home” screen to load. Once the menu loads, locate and select the icon labeled “Settings.”

Step 2
Scroll through the “Settings” column on screen until you find the blue icon labeled “Twitter.” The icon also features the familiar white Twitter company logo. Tap this button one time. The “Twitter” button represents the native Twitter integration that is present in iOS version 5 and later.


Step 3
Log in to your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad using your Twitter account (if you have not already done so). If your device is not currently set to interact with your Twitter account, tap the button on the screen labeled “Add Account” and provide the form with your Twitter username and password before continuing.

Note that if you use a third-party Twitter application like Twitterific, you do not have to complete this step. You can still give Twitter permissions to an application when using an unofficial Twitter client on your device.

Step 4
Look at the section in the “Twitter” window on the screen labeled “Allow.” The icons listed in this section of the screen each represent one of the applications on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad that has the ability to interact with your Twitter account. Scroll through the list until you find the application you want to work with.

Step 5
Tap “Off” next to the application name of your choosing. The “Off” will switch to read “On” and Twitter permissions will be granted to that application. Repeat this process for all other applications on your iOS device that you want to use with your Twitter account.
You can also return to this screen and remove permissions by tapping the “On” button, which will then switch to read “Off” as the permissions are revoked.

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