Smart Phones Can Reduce Stress With New Babies

When your baby arrives, your entire life will be thrown into disarray, and nothing will ever be the same again. You’ll find your whole life is centered around your baby, and it will be hard to do things the same way as you have always done them. You’ll have a lot more to think about, and you’ll need a way to keep track of everything without going crazy – and using your smart phone could be the perfect solution! Here are a few ways in which a smart phone can help you make the transition to life with a baby in tow.

You’ll have all sorts of appointments and meetings to keep track of now, dealing with things you’ve never had to bother about before. Your friends and family will all want to meet the baby, but you’ll have to make sure their visits don’t collide with trips to the hospital and appointments to get your baby vaccinated. The calender in your smart phone is a great way to help you keep track of everything, particularly because it’s portable and so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Smart Phones Can Reduce Stress With New Babies

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A To-Do List
Your mind is going to be pretty frazzled from lack of sleep and constantly worrying about your baby, so it’ll be nigh on impossible to remember all the things you’re supposed to do from day to day. Install a to-do list app on your smart phone and keep everything you need to do on it – this way you can stop worrying that you’ve forgotten about something, and just look at your list to check what needs doing! This will give you much needed peace of mind… at least in one area of your life!

Alarm Clock
These aren’t exclusive to smart phones, of course, but it’s worth mentioning because they’re just so useful! An alarm clock can be useful for scheduling nap times – for both you and the baby! And for reminding you to do certain things, such as taking something out the oven or reminding yourself of something you need to do at a certain time.

Once your baby is home with you, you’ll find yourself with a lot time – but time in which you can’t actually do very much. With a baby asleep in one arm, it’s very difficult to get things done. So make sure your smart phone is always close to hand, so you can play an impromptu game of Angry Birds or read a book on your Kindle app, to keep you sane!

Order Online
You may be reluctant to leave the house much when your baby arrives – taking trips into town with a baby in tow can be quite a taxing experience. But you still need to eat! Use your smart phone to order groceries online and have them delivered at your home, so you have one less thing to worry about!

These are just a few of the ways a smart phone can make your life easier when your baby arrives – just remember to always keep it handy!

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