10 Amazing Facts About Earth

Every day of our lives, we will spend them on Earth, yet there is so much we do not know or understand about Earth which is just waiting to be discovered. There are hundreds of species of animals which we don’t know about or just simply don’t understand, however each day the Earth is changing and we are able to discover more secrets which has been hidden from humans.

1) The Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. The length of the lakes totals a massive 400 miles and has a huge width of 30 miles! Lake Baikal is around 1 mile deep; this means that the next five largest lakes could actually be emptied into this one big lake!

2) Every year the Earth has around 1 million Earthquakes, with most of them not registered. Many of the earthquakes which happen are so slight that it can be almost unnoticeable, meaning that it will not be registered. However, don’t get me wrong, Earthquakes can be very destructive and deadly.

10 Amazing Facts About Earth

3) There are many inland seas, but many of them are not that big in size. The biggest inland sea is the Caspian Sea. This is on the border of Iran and Russia. However it is disputed and some people do class the Caspian Sea as a lake.

4) The Andes Mountain range in South America has the largest range in the world with it being a massive 4,524 miles long. This is classed as having the largest mountain range, closely followed by The Rockies, then The Himalayas.

5) Most people will believe that the Earth is round, when in fact it actually isn’t. The Earth is stated as an oblate spheroid, this simply means that the top pole and bottom pole is slightly flattened. This means that the Earth is not an actual circle.

6) Everyone knows that the sea is extremely salty, but I don’t think anyone actually understands how salty it really is. It is a fact that if you evaporated all the water in the sea and spread the remaining all over the land, you would have a five hundred foot layer coating on everything.

7) On earth all metal has a layer of oxidized material on the surface, this is extremely helpful when astronauts go to space, this is because if the metal layer did not have this oxidized layer all metal objects would come together and attach themselves together forever. This would be any good when the spaceships metal stainless springs attach themselves together.

8) The deserts on Earth are not actually filled with sand completely. About 85% of them are actually filled with rock and gravel.

9) It is said that around 1,000 tonnes of dust from space fall down on the Earth each year.

10) The hottest temperature ever recorded was from Aziza in Libya where it reached a boiling 136 degrees Fahrenheit (57.8 Celsius)

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