2 Online Business Gaffes You Must Avoid to Become Successful

Are you running your online business into the ground? You are likely making 2 common errors which plague many entrepreneurs. The errors are avoidable, but take note: you will feel the urge to move into low energy acts which perpetuate these errors. In short, you will feel tempted to do stuff which makes you screw up, again and again, as you grow your business online. Take a deep breath. Slow down and calm down, to begin promoting your business from a high energy, helpful place. The energy behind your business acts means everything, so check your energy now. Do you feel desperate, or confident? Do not move forward until you feel calm, and confident, and you will naturally avoid these mistakes which so many people fall victim to in their entrepreneurial careers.

Not Creating Persistent Value to Attract Prospects
If you are not creating value, do not bother. Seriously. Just do not go there, because if you are posting value-less ads to twitter all day, or to Facebook Groups, you are making one of the chief online business errors which plagues virtually all newbie online entrepreneurs. You see, when new to the online realm you will feel the fears that most newbies experience. You will feel that you have nothing valuable to share, or that nobody is listening to your message, or that you can never grow your business using free marketing methods, or you will experience a score of other limiting, low energy beliefs. It is critical not to act on these beliefs, for if you do, you will rarely if ever bring any value to the table when it comes to growing your biz. You see, you will not view yourself as valuable, and when you do not believe yourself to be valuable you will not put out anything of value. This is the way it works. When you see yourself as being valuable you will naturally create value. So work on that self image, and begin sharing your valuable blog posts, videos and ebooks to your target market.

2 Online Business Gaffes

Not Making Connections on a Persistent Basis
One of the best and easiest ways to crash and burn as an online entrepreneur is to simply focus on doing it all by yourself. You are destined to online ruin, if you do this, because the more frequently you try to do it on your own the more you are reminded that rich people grow massive networks of people. You will promote your own stuff all day, and reach a potential audience of thousands. If you actually joined large, growing tribes, who would promote your content, you would reach tens of thousands of people, or hundreds of thousands. Your blog post views would rise from 20 per post to 120 per post. You would naturally reach into a massive, targeted audience, because as you make connections on a persistent basis your reach expands quickly. The lesson to learn is this: never make the mistake of trying to do it all on your own. This is a grave error that will stunt your business growth. Focus instead of reaching out and building your online network to make your job infinitely easier, and you will more effortlessly grow your online business.


Be patient and persistent in correcting these errors. If you are willing to provide value and build online connections over a course of weeks, months and years you will do amazing things in the online realm. Just keep at it and good things will happen for you, as you avoid making these online business gaffes.

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Kelli Cooper, writing for Exhibit Deal, enjoys sharing prospering tips which help entrepreneurs grow their online businesses.

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