Introduction to Pinterest 
Pinterest, a website that allows people to “pin” (essentially share) their favorite pictures and videos onto their boards (essentially group albums) for their “followers” (essentially friends) has rapidly grown in popularity this past year, reaching over twelve million users. Users often do not upload their on pictures and videos. Instead, Pinterest and other websites allow Pinterest users to pin pictures of their products, funny quotes or other great ideas. Things that are especially popular to be pinned are pictures of food with attached recipes and weddings ideas. If a friend of the person that pins and item likes it, they are able to re-pin it to their own boards for their friends to see. A user also has the option to synch their account with their Facebook, so that what they post on Pinterest will also be shown to their friends on Facebook.

Advertising On Pinterest

Why Companies Are Interested in Facebook
Smart companies always want to identify growing trends among their customers and be able to tap into this potential advertising market before their competition. With its growing popularity, Pinterest is without a doubt a growing trend among Americans. Additionally, companies know that the most affordable and reliable form of marketing is recommendations. People are more likely to buy a product or service if it was recommended by someone else, especially by a friend. That is why positive user reviews are always included in infomercials and on product websites. However, potential customers are aware that these positive reviews could have been created by the company themselves and are therefore not reliable. If a friend, though, suggests a service or company, the review is trusted. Sense Pinterest is essentially people recommending products to their friends, this is a golden opportunity. Each time a person “pins” something to one of their board for their friends to see, they are saying that they liked this product and that other people should like it as well. Never before has there been such a golden opportunity for marketing.

Free Advertising 
Unfortunately, Pinterst currently does not offer the ability for companies to advertise through ads on the side. What companies can do, though, is create a free Pinterest account. In their free account they are able to pin pictures. They can pin ads that have been made specifically for Pinterest. A Pinterest ad should not look like a traditional ad, with information and prices. There are graphic designers that specifically create these kind of Pinterest ads and you should consider contacting them. Once this ad is created, you are able to pin it to one of your boards. From there, your friends are able to share it with their friends who can share it with their friends who can share it with their friends and continue the cycle. To get followers, you should advertise your page on your company’s website or Facebook page. Loyal customers will visit your Pinterest boards to see your newest products, and will be excited to become your follower and share their favorite products of yours with their friends and family.

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