Four Gadgets I Want to See in the Next Bond Movie

For many film fans, there’s no greater sense of anticipation than that which accompanies the release of a new Bond movie. Our intrepid hero always manages to get the hottest girls and to catch the nastiest villains, but he’s always had to rely on a succession of super-cool gadgets. In the coming years, I hope to see more of these wonderful utilities, and here are five that I would like Q to be working on at this very moment.

A Teleporter
We all know that 007 likes to make his way around the world in a bid to get the job done, from the rooftops of Istanbul to the hotels of Haiti, and it would be so good if he could get from A to B in only a second or two. This would leave us more time to enjoy the thrills and spills, of course, and to take in even more exotic locations in each action-packed film.

 Gadgets I Want to See in the Next Bond Movie

Hover Shoes
Every time a new Bond offering is released, poor Daniel Craig has to struggle to catch the baddies on top of trains, hanging from scaffolding and in the sewers of London. He must be exhausted by the time filming comes to an end, so why not let him have a pair of hover boots instead? Being able to float along at a variety of speeds (via a wristwatch accelerator, of course) would make life so much easier for him.


Bond has had several hidden guns over the decades, from ones that double up as pens to others that are hidden behind car headlights, but there are times when he is caught short without adequate firepower. Therefore I suggest he should have a pair of sunglasses that can also fire bullets from the side-arms. From then on, all our hero would need to do look in a certain direction before firing off a round or two.

Brain pills
James Bond is a highly intelligent individual who has operated in a great many countries of the world, and has had to rely on his knowledge in many tight situations. In future, it would be better for him if he could simply take a tablet in order to increase his brain power. So the next time he has to learn a foreign language in a micro-second he can do so with ease. This would also prevent non-Bond fans from thinking any of these films are far-fetched – as if!

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