Although selling online uses a different technology from traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, the psychology of retail selling still works just the same. While digital marketing may have changed what is sold and even how it is delivered, it does not change the fundamental relationship between buyers and sellers. Whether you are selling digital or dropship products from your website, you will benefit from many selling strategies used by traditional retailers.

Here, then, are 10 ways to improve your online eCommerce sales.

1. Improve the way you display your product
People pay more for a product that looks good than they would for the same product that was unattractively displayed. While a store relies on lighting, window displays, and attractive fixtures and signs to make a shirt look more than just another garment, a website can use a good web-design, user-friendly navigation, copywriting, and excellent images to make a product look exciting. For instance, selling an eBook by showing a picture of a 3-D book cover is an idea that works well. Although the book in actuality is nothing more than a well-formatted pdf file and the most important thing about it is the information, exhibiting it as a paperback or hardback book will increase sales.

Increase Your Online Ecommerce Sales

2. Talk in terms of dollars saved
When discounting something, write about it in terms of how many dollars are saved rather than the percentage off the original price. This works because the benefit is immediately obvious, whereas talking about percentage requires one extra step: calculating exactly how much is discounted. Do the math for the buyer to increase sales.

3. Write blog posts about your products or services
Blogs create human interest. It tells people how you came up with the product. If it is a digital product, write about how you were inspired to create it to fulfill a need. If it is a physical product, write about how you searched far and wide to find the right supplier for your product. Another approach is to write about the many benefits the product has provided buyers. People like to read reviews about products before they buy.

4. Create additional benefits
Instead of merely selling a product or service, add value by bundling other products with the purchase. Bonuses are such a powerful inducement that they are almost ubiquitous. Customers have almost come to expect them. Offering a product as a standalone product, even if it is offered at a great price for the value, will not do as well as offering it with some perks.

5. Specialize
Niche your products down to a narrow audience. Although it may seem logical to offer as many products to as many people as possible to increase profits, the reality of online commerce has proven, time and again, that the more specialized the retail offer, the greater the buying response.

6. Add the human touch
Sometimes people need to talk to someone before they buy. Although it raises costs to hire someone to answer the phone, if your website is highly-trafficked it may very well increase conversion.

7. Break up your newsletter list into different segments
If you are selling most of your products via your newsletter, it will pay to break your list into buying behaviors. This will allow you to focus on rewarding big spenders, stimulate interest in customers who have stopped buying, and avoiding complainers and habitual refunders with different offers.

8. Refresh your product line
Periodically refresh the look-and-feel of your website, as well as your product line. Make your website fun to revisit over and over again.

9. Test, test, and test some more
Constantly test the various elements of your sales copy. Sometimes the change in one word or headline can cause sales to soar. You must always try to compete against your control.

10. Improve upsells
Once a person has made a buying decisions, add one time offers to take full advantage of the buying mood to offer the customer even more value.

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