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The vast majority of us have become increasingly cost-conscious in recent times, thanks to the often devastating effects of a worldwide recession. At one time, many of us would have simply ascertained the price of a particular product and bought it without question, but these days the chances are we will assess all the available options before parting with any money, especially if the item in question is a relatively expensive one.

And although we are constantly being advised that a recovery of some sorts, even a very slow one, is just around the corner, it seems our new-found caution is here to stay. A growing number of men and women take great care over purchases now, and even if this came about as a reaction to a temporary economic situation, it would appear to have become part of our permanent DNA.
When it comes to booking our annual vacations, the Internet has become the greatest resource of all. As well as helping us to find out more about potential destinations, from the accommodation options to the quality of the nightlife, it has become our one-stop location for finding the lowest possible prices. The vast majority of tourists nowadays will only book a holiday via their computer screen, and it’s easy to see why.

Compare… then search
The cost of air travel, whether we realize it or not, has dropped dramatically in the past decade, and the shrewd consumer can sniff out some incredible bargains online nowadays. A visit to a comparison website is always a wise choice, because this is the tried and trusted method of finding lower prices, of course, but it’s also a good idea to check out the individual budget airline websites, in case there are some special offers available.


Many of the tourist attractions around the world operate what is basically a two-price system – one for people who turn up on the day and one for those who are sensible enough to book up in advance. By visiting the website of a particular establishment, be it a theme park, a historic building or a museum, the more organised traveler can save a substantial sum of money, and all that’s needed is a little pre-vacation organisation.

It seems inconceivable that, in this era of instant access to the huge resources that the web has to offer, some people still book their holidays without giving a second thought to ascertaining whether beneficial deals might be available. For the majority of us, however, seeking out the bargains is the first step on the road to a highly enjoyable (and extremely affordable) vacation.

David Showell is a UK tourist who works for 121carhire.com.

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