In the era of technology, we spend most of our conscious hours on the internet. May it be by sitting in a mall, a coffee shop or in the comfort of your car, internet can be accessed with a click. As the concept of virtual social media gathers momentum, one can see a rise in the number of virtual offices as well as entrepreneurs around the world, taking advantage of managedIT services and using the internet as an effective marketing tool and achieving success.

Ways of achieving marketing goals:
Things to be taken care of while using the Internet for marketing include setting objectives, checking the authenticity of the content, specifying the target audience, and uploading videos of- interviews, testimonials, screen casts etc.Hosting is a process used by filmmakers, economists, artisans, and corporates to name a few.

Managed hosting is definitely a new success mantra and its popularity can be attributed to marketing which can be done in two ways namely: Hosting and Posting.
Hosting is when you host a video on your own server using your personalized player. It lets you control your branding but you miss out traffic.

Posting is when you upload a video on sharing sites. Posting give you the edge of building and towering over the audience who are constantly looking for content. However, the main drawback which seeps in is when you don’t have much power in terms of branding.

The Silver Lining:
Internet marketing has proved to be a great experience, where apart from the content which is important; the video also makes a great impact, especially when it’s utilized to the fullest. Since it is the process of communication with a pre-defined response, it has the capability to trigger emotions that the maker may want his audience to experience.
·   Apart from influencing public opinions, managed hosting also impacts consumer purchasing decisions.
·   The basic difference between managed hosting and video marketing is the advertising method and the distribution method.

How can small businesses take advantage?
Small businesses can make use of the extensive storage space which comes as a part of the whole layout. The enhance security services add that extra glamorous touch to the whole setup, making it an alluring offer for those who really want to make a great impact on their target customers. The expert guidance adds to the whole concept, making the working model sound more economical, user friendly and a boon to the business. For example, a cement company adds a video to its website summarizing its product.

Small business units can generate a customer pool with the help of available managed IT services as it is a custom built service and meets the requirements of every customer. Managed hosting can be done by the company or can be outsourced as well. Small business units can also create awareness about their presence in the market and increase their brand visibility through managed hosting services.