Is WordPress The Modern Day Printing Press?

WordPress has been called “the modern-day printing press.” To some people, this may sound like a silly comparison. I mean, what does WordPress have to do with printing presses? One of them is used to print money and newspapers, the other is used to make websites. So how exactly are they the same?
Well, let’s take a minute and discuss how WordPress could be considered a modern-day printing press:

The Internet: How We Now Communicate

Before the invention and growth of the Internet, people used books, magazines, journals, letters, etc as a way to find information and communicate. But with the introduction of the World Wide Web, all of that changed. People started using the Internet as their main way to gain knowledge and communicate. Instead of buying a book, they jumped online. Instead of creating a newspaper, they sent out a newsletter online.

Before, people would use printing presses to create their forms of knowledge. Now, they use the Internet. No, books and newspapers haven’t gone anywhere. But they are no longer our primary source of information and education.

Blogs: Modern-Day Newspapers

With the growth of the Internet came the introduction and very quick popularity of blogs. Blogs were a way for people to express their ideas very easily. Before, if someone wanted to get their ideas out to the world they would need to write a book. If they wanted to share news, they would start a newspaper. But now they just had to start a blog.

Blogs are the modern-day books, journals, magazines, etc. No need for a separate author, editor, and printing press compositor. No more use for a printing press, ink, paper, etc. Those are all done away with when it comes to blogs. Just an author and a desire to share their ideas. With blogs, the writer has no more need for a whole publishing company to get their ideas published. Just a computer and an Internet connection.

WordPress: The Modern-Day Printing Press

So when you take a look at what we’ve discussed above, doesn’t that mean that all blogs or the Internet in general could take over as the modern-day printing press? Why does WordPress get this distinction? Well, I think there are a few reasons:

1. Size. WordPress is “the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world.” So, they may have just achieved that title because of their size!

2. Ease of use. I think the main reason why people refer to WordPress as the modern day printing press, is because of the ease of use. With a printing press, you can make your pages look however you want them to. You can choose the character font, size, color, style, etc. You can determine the page layout, adding columns, bullets, numbered lists, etc.

With the Internet, unless you are a web designer, it is not necessarily known for making it easy to change these things. Even with many other blogging platforms, it is not nearly as simple to change your font or the formatting of your page.

But with WordPress, all of these things are simple. It is very simple to easily choose how all of the type on your page is displayed. Just like with printing presses, you have the ability to change everything from the font size to the page layout. Try to do that easily with a different type of website… not so simple! WordPress’ easy to use content management tools I think at least somewhat have helped it to earn the nickname of “the modern-day printing press.”

Nicole is a blog writer for Graphic Innovators. They are a leader in new and used printing press sales, enhancements, re manufacturing and rebuilding.


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