The 5 Best Search Marketing Conferences Around The World

Search marketing conferences are necessary to improve the skills of marketers. The networking opportunities at these worldwide events are phenomenal. Every online marketer should participate in conferences to kept their skills up-to-date. Consider these search marketing conferences held around the world. The skills acquired during the conferences will help your companies all year.

1. Search Marketing Expo (SMX)

The Search Marketing Expo (SMX) is a global search engine marketing conference series. This conference is hosted by Third Door Media. This company has successfully hosted many conferences in the past, and this conference is one of the most successful. Some of the brightest people in search marketing have come together to organize this wonderful event. The event has been held for over 10 years and has hosted tens of thousands of participants. This event is held all over the world in locations including Sydney, Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Munich, Paris, New York and Seattle.

5 Best Search Marketing Conferences


2. SES Conference & Expo Series

SES is one of the leading global search marking conferences around the world. This conference focuses on best practices and strategies. The best thought leaders and industry experts gather together to share the best practices in the industry. When the skills are acquired in this environment, everyone can take the latest ideas in the industry and integrate the strategies into your company. These conferences are held all over the world in locations such as London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Berlin and Chicago.

3.  Pub Conference

The Pub Conference is hosted by Webmaster World a search marketing conference. The conferences, initially, focused on networking rather than speeches. Now, the conferences feature leaders from the industry who share their best practices. Most people will learn many new techniques from this conference.

4. Search Engine Strategies

Search Engine Strategies conference addresses major issues relating to search marketing. Search engine optimization techniques, link building, web design, pay-per-click text ads, and search engine friendly copywriting.  Other topics such as keyword analysis, RSS, the effect of blogs and searcher behavior are commonly discussed. Experts in search engine marketing and media strategies typically attend this event.

5.  SEO Roadshow

SEO Roadshow invites marketers to London to have a beer and discuss search marketing. These informal gatherings are ongoing and are coveted by many people who are seeking networking and information on an ongoing basis. The SEO Roadshow is unique in its structure, approach and in the information provided.

The Five Best Search Marketing Conferences in the World

If you want to remain current, you must consider attending marketing conferences to learn from the best. These conferences are informative and offer numerous networking opportunities. If you want your company to remain competitive, conferences are imperative. Consider these conferences and others to improve your skills and meet the best and brightest in the industry.

Nic is the Managing Director of Search Factory, an SEO and SEM agency baced in Brisbane, Australia. Nic has attended a variety of events around the world and thinks all marketers could benefit from a trip to a search conference. These are some of his top picks. For more visit:

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